Simplex Repeater Controller
(190-0345)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 50491

Your RadioShack Simplex Repeater Controller extends the range of your
Business Band or Amateur Radio system.  It easily connects to many 2-way
radio transceivers and automatically records what the transceiver receives
(up to 30 seconds), then keys the transceiver and retransmits the recorded
transmission.  It is simple, compact, and easy to carry and use.

You can use the repeater to extend the range of many RadioShack and other
handheld Amateur Radio and Business Band transceivers that have external
microphone/speaker jacks.  It is also compatible with Icom, Yaesu, Alinco,
Standard, and other transceivers.

The repeater has these features:

Receive Signal Indicator - lights to show that the connected transceiver
                           is receiving a transmission and the repeater is

     Low Power Circuitry - automatically enters a very low power mode
                           between transmissions.

(EB 11/03/98)