Simplex Repeater Controller
(190-0345)                 Hints and Tips             Faxback Doc. # 50651

CTCSS decode/encode should be enabled on the repeater's radio and each
radio using the repeater to prevent interference from other users on the
same frequency.

Hearing your own repeated signal confirms that the repeater heard and
resent your signal.  If your own signal is broken up in the repeater, find
a better spot or increase your antenna height, then try again.

Although the repeater's batteries last a long time, the radio's will not.
They usually require daily recharging. Adding a trickle charger across the
battery terminals (or powering the radio from a regulated DC supply) lets
you set up permanent installations.

A permanent installation could be the indoor windowsill of a high-rise
office or apartment building.  It could be a handheld with an external
antenna that's connected to the repeater.  A temporary location could be a
tall tree at a field day site (pulled up by a rope and protected by a
zip-lock-type bag in case of rain).

The repeater records for up to 30 seconds, but this is much more than you
need.  Keep your transmissions short, so you don't have to wait long for
each transmission to be repeated.

(EB 11/13/98)