Frequency Counter  (220-0305)         Features          Faxback Doc. # 8656

The Radio Shack LCD RF Frequency Counter is a microcomputer-based
instrument that accurately measures radio frequency (RF) signals.  It is
ideal for measuring ham or CB radio frequencies.

Your counter can measure RF signals within a range of 1 to 1300 MHz (1.3
GHz).  The counter can display RF signals with different resolutions and
update rates.

Your counter also includes these features.

Selectable Measurement Update Settings - Let you choose a fast setting for
                                         quick measurement updates or a
                                         slow setting for maximum

            Selectable Input Impedance - Lets you select a 50 ohms or high
                                         input impedance.

      Selectable Input Frequency Range - Lets you select an input
                                         frequency range between 1 and 50
                                         MHz or between 50 MHz and 1.3

                         BNC Connector - Lets you connect the supplied
                                         antenna to measure through-air RF
                                         signals, or a cable with a male
                                         BNC connector (not supplied) for
                                         direct frequency measurements.

                             Backlight - Makes the display easy to see in
                                         low-light conditions.


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