HTA-20  (190-1122)               Features              Faxback Doc. # 14955

Your Radio Shack HTA-20 VHF Amplifier with RX Pre-Amplifier is a high-
power, filtered VHF band amplifier designed for use with transceivers in
the 144 - 148 MHz FM frequency band.  When your transceiver transmits, the
amplifier amplifies the transmitted power.

Its features include:

         Bipolar Transistor High Power - increases a normal transceiver'
         Amplifier                       output power from 0.5 - 5 Watts up
                                         to 30 Watts.

 Double Tuned Helical Band Pass Filter - reduces out-of-band interference
                                         by allowing the received
                                         frequencies in the 144 - 148 MHz
                                         band to easily enter the receiver
                                         but attenuating all other

Low Noise GaAs Field Effect Transistor - normalizes insertion loss and
PreAmplifier                provides clean received signal gain.

Note:  This amplifier is designed to be used only with a high-power


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