HTA-20  (190-1122)                Troubleshooting      Faxback Doc. # 14960

If your amplifier is not working as it should, follow these suggestions to
see if you can eliminate the problem.  If you cannot eliminate the problem,
take the amplifier to your local Radio Shack store for assistance.


No power to the             Check the red and black wires' connections
                            Check the power source (either vehicle battery 
                            or DC power supply) and the in-line fuse
                            (replace only with an 8-amp fuse).

Cannot transmit             Check all cables and insure they are securely 
and receive                 connected between the amplifier and the antenna
                            and transceiver.

                            Check all cables and wires for short/open.

Output power is not         Check all cables for short/open and be sure
amplified                   they are connected.

Output power is             Check that the driving power from the
less than the               transceiver is within the rated level (0.5 to 5
rated level.                Watts).

                            Check the power source to insure it is a 12
                            volt source.


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