HTX-100 Mobile Transceiver
(190-1101)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 39458


We hope you do not have any problems with your transceiver, but if you do,
try these suggestions.

    1.  If you have problems receiving:

        Be sure VOLUME is set to a high enough level.

        Be sure SQUELCH is not set too high.

        Confirm the antenna is the right type, and is properly connected.

        Be sure the TX/RX switch is set to RX.

    2.  If you have problems transmitting:

        Be sure the antenna cable is the right type, and is properly

        Be sure you fully press the push-to-talk switch.

        Be sure the microphone cable is securely pressed into the
        MICROPHONE jack.

    3.  If the transceiver does not work at all:

        Confirm the fuse is not blown.  If it is, replace it with a 6-amp
        slow-blow fuse.

        Be sure the power cable is properly connected.


If your transceiver is subjected to a transient static charge, the display
might lock up.  If this occurs, follow this procedure to reset your
transceiver.  This procedure clears any frequencies you have stored into

1.  Turn off power and remove the power cord.

2.  Remove the tuning control knob.

3.  Use a small metal probe, such as a paper clip, to short the exposed
    jumper wire to the transceiver's chassis.

4.  Replace the tuning control knob and connect the power cord.

5.  Turn on the transceiver and confirm the display works properly.


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