HTX-200 Mini Handheld 2-Meter FM Amateur Transceiver
(190-1102)                 Special Features           Faxback Doc. # 52051

Using the Special Features

The transceiver has several advanced features that give you additional 
control and convenience while using your transceiver.

To set any of the features follow these steps.  For detailed information 
on any feature, see it section on the following pages.

1.  Turn off the transceiver then hold down FUNC.  Turn on the 
transceiver, then release FUNC.  This accesses the special features menu.

2.  The transceiver displays the special feature settings in this order:

    Feature                                                        You See

    Frequency Step - the increment by which you set to scan the      CS
                     2-meter band.

    Repeater Offset - the difference between the repeater's trans-   rPt
                      mit and receive frequency.

    Power Save - turns off power to the receiver section and con-    PS
                 serves battery power.

    Time-Out Timer - limits your transmission time to a repeater     tot
                     in case you forget.

    Scan Delay Time - delays scanning restart time.                  Sd

    Transmit Delay - prevents squelch tail noise.                   t.dy

    Busy Channel Lockout - prevents transmitting while the radio    bCLO
                           is receiving.

3.  Press /\ or \/ to change the selected feature's settings.

4.  To change to another feature setting, repeatedly press FUNC + /\ or
    FUNC + \/ until you see that setting.  Then repeat Step 3.

5.  To store all customized settings and return to the normal display,
    press PTT.

Frequency Step

To change the scanning frequency increment, with CS and a frequency step 
(such as .0100 for 10 kHz) displayed, press /\ or \/ until you reach the 
desired setting.  You can change the frequency step to 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 
kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz, 50 kHz, or 1 MHz.

Repeater Offset

To use a local repeater, once you have determined that repeater's offset 
press FUNC + /\ or FUNC + \/until you see rPt and the current offset 
frequency are displayed.  Then press /\ or \/ to select the desired 
frequency step.

You can change the offset frequency from 0.0 Hz to 2 MHz (in 100 kHz 
steps) or 8 MHz.  the normal offset for the 2-meter band is 600 kHz (0.6 

Note:  Once you set the offset frequency, you can turn this feature on or 
off by press FUNC + SC while the transceiver is not in the memory or 
calling frequency mode.

Power Save

This feature lets the radio conserve battery power by turning off power to 
the receiver section and periodically turning it on to check for a 
transmission.  With PS and the current status (on or oFF) displayed, press 
/\ or \/ to turn this feature on or off.

Time-Out Timer

When you communicate using repeaters, you should keep your transmissions 
as brief as possible.  Most repeaters have built-in timers that limit 
single transmission to 3 minutes or less.  You can set the transceiver to 
stop transmitting and sound a beep if you exceed a set time limit with a 
single transmission.

To select a value for the time-out timer, with tot and the current setting 
displayed, press /\ or \/ to choose a value from 0 to 990 seconds.

Scan Delay Time

If during scanning you encounter a signal which stops, this feature delays 
the continuation of scanning to allow time for the signal to restart.  
With Sd and the current delay time shown, press /\ or \/ to select the 
delay time (1 to 30 seconds).

Transmit Delay Time

All receivers make a noise called squelch tail, which is a brief noise 
that your target receiver might produce the moment you release the PTT 
button.  This noise is generated when the transmitter's carrier ceases and 
before the normal squelch takes over.  Your radio's transmit delay time 
feature lets transmitting continue for an extra moment when you use the 
CTCSS tone squelch setting, to prevent the squelch tail noise.

With t.dy and the current status displayed, press /\ or \/ to turn this 
feature on or off.

Busy Channel Lockout

This feature sets the transceiver so you cannot transmit while it is 
receiving a signal.  With the radio's preset value bCLO oF displayed, 
press /\ or \/ to change the display to bSY oN and turn the feature on.  
Repeat this step to change the display back to bCLO oF and disable the 
lockout feature.

(EB 4/9/99)

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