HTX-200 Mini Handheld 2-Meter FM Amateur Transceiver
(190-1102)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 52052

If your transceiver is not working as it should and it displays an error 
message, these suggestions might help you eliminate the problem.  If the 
transceiver still does not operate properly, take it to your local Radio 
Shack store for assistance.

You See    Possible Cause                          Remedies

S-SHORT    If the transceiver detects any fault    Remove the connected
           in an external microphone connection,   microphone and replace
           it automatically switches off power     it or use the internal
           to the audio amplifier and displays     microphone.
           S-SHORT to indicate a short circuit.

PLL-Error  Indicates PLL circuit malfunction due   Turn power off then on
           to a defect in the VCO circuit or       again.
           bias supply.

EEP-Error  The EPROM information needs to be       Reset the transceiver.
           reset.                                  See "Resetting the
                                                   Transceiver" in Faxback
                                                   Doc. # 52053.

(EB 4/9/99)

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