HTX-202  (190-1120)           Hints and Tips          Faxback Doc. # 15564

This radio is likely to get an ERR2 when running off a cigarette lighter.
This is due to RF feedback which travels from radio to rubber duck to
power cord and back to radio.  The best way to fix the ERR2 is to use an
external antenna.

When pressing f/3, it only comes up with a negative offset.  In order to
come up with a positive offset, check the offset by entering VFO mode and
pressing function/8.  The display reads os and a number. That number is
normally 600.  It will not give any offset that puts it out of the legal
limits of 144-148 MHz.

This radio cannot be modified for expanded frequencies.

Comment from repeater-builder staff: Regarding the ERR2 problem - a ferrite filter clamped around the power cord to the radio helps a lot.