UHF/VHF Transceiver
(190-1124)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 38808

Your RadioShack HTX-204 UHF/VHF FM Dual-Band Transceiver is portable,
compact, and light so you can carry it almost anywhere.  The crystal
controlled circuitry provides accurate and stable channel selection, making
it an ideal choice for your amateur communications needs.

Your HTX-204 has these great features:

Dual Band Operation - transmits and receives on the popular 2-meter VHF
                      (144-148 MHz) and 70-centimeter UHF (438-450 MHz)
                      bands and receives in the ranges 130-170 MHz, 350-
                      399.995 MHz, 420-470 MHz, and 900-985 MHz.

Extended Frequency Coverage - lets you extend the HTX-204's frequency 
                      ranges to allow you to transmit in the ranges 
                      142.5-149.5 MHz and receive in the ranges 100-199.995
                      MHz, 300-399.995 MHz, 400-499.995 MHz, and 
                      800-999.995 MHz (excluding cellular telephone 

Adjustable Squelch - lets you separately adjust squelch for each band.

Variable Frequency Oscillator - lets you directly tune to frequencies.

Dual Power Sources - lets you operate the HTX-204 from the supplied battery
                     pack or from external DC power (using an indoor 
                     12-volt DC power supply or automotive DC power cord,
                     not included).

Removeable and Rechargeable Battery Pack - lets you use one battery pack
                     while you charge another (additional packs available).

Dot-Matrix, Liquid-Crystal Display with Light - clearly displays all
                     operating information for both the 2-meter and the
                     70-centimeter band, and lets you turn on a light so 
                     you can see the display almost anywhere.

Simultaneous Reception - lets you monitor 2-meter and 70-centimeter
                     transmissions at the same time.

Two-Way Frequency Selection - lets you select a frequency using either the
                     keypad or the rotary channel selector.

External Speaker Output - lets you connect an external speaker so you can
                     more easily hear transmissions in noisy environments.

10 DTMF Memory Sequences - let you store 10 touch-tone sequences of up to
                     15 digits each so you can quickly transmit the
                     sequences you commonly use to activate repeaters, use
                     autopatches, or page other stations.

DTMF Paging - lets you set up DTMF call groups so others can alert you by
              transmitting a DTMF sequence, and store up to six individual
              and group paging codes for quick transmission.

120 Memory Channels with Text IDs - lets you store up to 60 memories in 
              each band, and include a text ID with each memory so you can
              reference channels by either number or name.

Cross-Band Repeater - lets you set the HTX-204 to receive in one band and
                      simultaneously retransmit the received signal in the
                      other band.

Subaudible Tone Transmit and Decode (CTCSS) - lets you transmit the 
                      subaudible tone required by some repeaters, and also
                      lets you set a subaudible tone that your HTX-204
                      must receive to open squelch.

Clone Function - lets you quickly transfer all programming from one HTX-204
                 to another.

Personal ID - lets you set a six-character message that appears each time
              you turn on your HTX-204.

Programmable Frequency Step - lets you set the frequency step for tuning or
                      scanning to 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 50 kHz.

Battery Save Function - extends the HTX-204's battery life.

Keypad Lock - lets you prevent keypad entry to help you keep from 
              accidentally changing settings.

Transmit Time Limit - alerts you if you try to transmit for longer than
                      a specified period of time.

Full Duplex - lets you set the HTX-204 to receive on one band while you
              transmit on the other.

Auto Power Off - lets you set the HTX-204 to turn off after a preset period
                 of inactivity to save battery power.

Transmission Lock - lets you lock the HTX-204's PTT button to prevent
                    accidental or unauthorized transmissions.

Switchable FM and AM Reception - lets you switch between FM and AM 
                      reception on the VHF band so you can clearly hear
                      both amateur and aircraft transmissions.

Adjustable Receive Sensitivity - lets you attenuate (reduce) the receive
                      sensitivity to help eliminate interference.

Low Battery Indicator - lets you know when the battery pack needs to be

Important:  You must have a technician class or higher Amateur Radio
            Operator's License and a call sign issued by the FCC to
            legally transmit using this HTX-204.  Transmitting without a
            license carries heavy penalties.  Getting a license is easier
            than ever.  See "Preparation," Faxback Doc. # 38809 for more


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