UHF/VHF Transceiver
(190-1124)                 Operation I                Faxback Doc. # 38408


To turn on the HTX-204, press the orange PWR button for 1 second.  The
HTX-204 sounds two tones (high-low) and displays your personal ID for 2
seconds (if you programmed one), then displays the current frequency for
each band.

To turn off the HTX-204, press PWR for 1 second.  The display turns off.

Note:  Unless otherwise noted, all procedures in this manual assume that
       you have turned on the HTX-204.


Follow these steps to check or change a programmed option's setting.  This
section provides a quick reference to the options.  Complete information
regarding all options is included in "Operation II," Faxback Doc. # 38810
and "Operation III," Faxback Doc. # 38826.

1.  Press FUNC + SET.  The HTX-204 displays the last option your reviewed
    or changed.

2.  Turn CH clockwise to select the desired option.

    Note:  When you select the first menu option, the HTX-204 beeps.

3.  To change an option's setting, hold down FUNC while you turn CH,
    pressing 0 to move backward or # to move forward through the settings.

4.  To exit and save an option's setting, press FUNC + SET, or CL.


    The factory default for each setting is shown in parentheses in the
    following table.  When you set an option to its factory default
    setting, the HTX-204 beeps.

    Some menu items do not appear in all modes.  For example, AM Mode
    only appears when the HTX-204 is set to the VHF band.

    Option              Settings     Description

AM Mode (only             On         AM reception is turned on.
available for             Off        FM reception is turned on.
VHF band)                            (Default setting depends on frequency
                                     selected and the Auto AM setting.)

APO (Auto Power Off)     (Off)       Remains on until manually turned off.
                          On         Turns off after 30 minutes of 

ATT (Attenuate)          (Off)       No receive attenuation.
                          On         Attenuates reception by 15 dB (UHF) or
                                     25 dB (VHF).

AUTO AM                  (On)        Automatically turns on AM reception 
                                     for selected frequencies.
                          Off        Only allows manual AM selection.

AUTO RPT Sft             (On)        Automatically sets the repeater offset.
(Auto Repeater            Off        Turns off automatic repeater offset.

BEEP                     (On)        Turns on the key entry beep.
                          Off        Turns off the key entry beep.

Clone                    (Off)        Use to copy all settings to or from
                                      another HTX-204.

CTCSS                    (110.9)      Sets the receive or transmit 
                                      subaudible tone.  

DTMF TX Spd (DTMF        (nor)        Puts a 50 mS pause between DTMF 
Transmit Speed)                       digits.
                          lo          Puts a 100 mS pause between DTMF

Dul Wtch Spd             (nor)        Checks the dual-watch frequency
(Dual Watch Speed)                    every 3 seconds.
                          fst         Checks the dual-watch frequency every
                                      0.6 seconds.

Duplex                   (Off)        Mutes the secondary band when you
                          On          Lets you receive on one band while
                                      you transmit on the other.

Function Stp             (0.1), 1.0,  Sets the frequency step size used 
                         10.0         when you press FUNC and rotate CH.

1K Digit                 (On)         You must enter all 6 digits of the
                          Off         You enter only the first 5 digits of
                                      the frequency.

MEM Prot                 (Off)        Memory contents can be changed.
(Only available when      On          Memory contents are protected from
viewing a memory)                     change.

Offset                   (0.600) VHF  Sets the repeater offset frequency
                         (5.000) UHF  for the current band.
                         0.000 - 
                         40.000 in
                         .1 MHz steps

PAGE-DLY                 (450)        Sets how long (in milliseconds) the
(Page Delay)              750         HTX-204 waits to send a page after
                                      you press PTT.

PageRing                 (5), 1, Off  Sets how many times the HTX-204 rings
                                      when it receives a page.

PAGE SQL                 (Off)        Opens squelch after receiving a page.
(Page Squelch)            On          Keeps squelch closed after receiving
                                      a page.

PwrOnMsg                  User        Sets the 6-character power-on message.
(Power On Message)        Selected

RPT-DLY                   (Off)       Stops transmitting as soon as the
(Cross-Band                           carrier drops.
Repeater Delay)            On         Continues to transmit for 2 seconds
                                      after the carrier drops.

SAVE                      (Off)       Battery save is off.
                          0.50-5.00   Turns off the RF section for the
                          in 0.50     selected number of seconds, then
                          steps       briefly turns on to check for a

Selector Lock             (Off)       CH is not locked when you lock the
                           On         CH is locked when you lock the keys.

Speaker Mode              (I I)       Selects which bands use an external
                           I E        speaker instead of the internal
                           E I        speaker.

Step                      (5.0) VHF,  Selects the size of the frequency 
                           10.0,      step when you turn CH in the VFO
                          (12.5) UHF  mode.
                          15.0, 20.0
                          25.0, 30.0

TOT                       (Off)        The time-out timer is turned off.
(Time-Out Timer)           1-15        Limits transmissions to the set
                                       number of minutes.

XBd-RPTR                  (Off)        The cross-band repeater option is
(Crossband                             turned off.
Repeater)                  On          The cross-band repeater option is
                                       turned on.

           Press the       Press FUNC +      Press PTT +   Press the key
           key to:         key to:           key to:       during DTMF
                                                           memory store to:

   A       Recall the      Enter a text ID   Transmit      Enter DTMF A.
CallSFT    calling         or power-on       DTMF A.
           memory.         message.

MainMONO   Select the      Turn off the      Transmit      Enter DTMF B.
           main band.      secondary band.   DTMF B.

V/MENT     Switch          Enter a memory    Transmit      Enter DTMF C.
           between VFO     setting.          DTMF C.
           and memory

   D       Clear an        Start scanning.   (Twice to)    Enter DTMF D.
CL PS      entry or                          Transmit
           stop scanning.                    DTMF D.

  PO       Enter a digit   Change the        Transmit      Enter DTMF 1.
           in a frequency. transmit power    DTMF 1.

   2       Enter a digit   Start the dual    Transmit      Enter DTMF 2.
DUAL       in a frequency. watch feature.    DTMF 2.

   3       Enter a digit   Lock the PTT      Transmit      Enter DTMF 3.
P.L.       in a frequency. button.           DTMF 3.

   4       Enter a digit   Access DTMF       Transmit      Enter DTMF 4.
DTMF.M     in a frequency. memories          DTMF 4.

   5       Enter a digit   Access the        Transmit      Enter DTMF 5.
CODE       in a frequency. paging code       DTMF 5.

   6       Enter a digit   Lock the          Transmit      Enter DTMF 6.
K.L.       in a frequency. keypad.           DTMF 6.

   7       Enter a digit   Set the           Transmit      Enter DTMF 7.
 TSQ       in a frequency. tone squelch      DTMF 7.

   8       Enter a digit   Set the repeater  Transmit      Enter DTMF 8.
 RPT       in a frequency. offset            DTMF 8.

   9       Enter a digit   Reverse the       Transmit      Enter DTMF 9.
 REV       in a frequency. repeater offset.  DTMF 9.

   *       Start scanning  Toggle the        Transmit      Enter DTMF *.
MSMS.M     memories.       memory scan mode  DTMF *.
                           for a memory.

   0       Enter a digit   Start the menu.   Transmit      Enter DTMF 0.
SET/SB     in a frequency. If scanning,      DTMF 0.
                           change the scan
                           resume option.

   #       In memory       Set the DTMF      Transmit      Enter DTMF #.
IDPAG      mode, display   paging mode.      DTMF #.
           the current
           memory's text

LAMP       Turn on the     Turn on the       N/A           N/A
           light for 5     light until
           seconds.        you turn it off
                           by pressing FUNC
                           + LAMP again.

SQL OFF    Temporarily     N/A               N/A           N/A
           open squelch
           for the 
           selected band.

FUNC       Access          N/A               N/A           N/A
           additional key

PTT        Transmit        N/A               N/A           N/A

PWR        Turn the HTX-   N/A               N/A           N/A
           204 on and off.

Your HTX-204's display is divided into two main areas.  The upper area
displays UHF frequency settings, and the lower area displays VHF frequency
settings.  Within each area, there are many additional items that can
appear.  Some indicators are repeated for each band.


Your HTX-204 has both UHF (70-centimeter) and VHF (2-meter) bands.  To tune
to a frequency, you must first set the HTX-204 to the desired band.

To select the band, press MAIN until the symbol MAIN appears to the left
of the desired band.  The HTX-204 beeps once when you select VHF and beeps
twice when you select UHF.


Normally, the HTX-204 monitors both UHF and VHF frequencies.  To turn off
the secondary band, so the HTX-204 only monitors the main band, press
FUNC + MONO.  Secondary band information disappears.

To restore dual-band operation, press MAIN.


You direct tune in the VFO (variable frequency oscillator) mode.  See
"Operation II," Faxback Doc. # 38810 for valid frequencies.

Follow these steps to select a frequency.

1.  Press MAIN until MAIN appears to the left of the desired band.

2.  Set the HTX-204 to the VFO mode by pressing V/M until no memory number
    appears to the left of the frequency.

3.  To step to a frequency, turn CH clockwise to increase the frequency,
    or counterclockwise to decrease it.

    To directly enter a frequency, use the keypad.  For example, to enter
    146.940 MHz, you press 1 4 6 9 4 0.  The HTX-204 displays 146.940.


As factory set, you can only transmit on VHF frequencies 144.000 to 148.000
MHz and UHF frequencies 438.000 to 450.000 MHz.

If you enter an invalid frequency, the HTX-204 does not accept it.

The HTX-204 accepts frequencies in 5 kHz steps (VHF) and 12.5 kHz steps
(UHF).  The HTX-204 rounds the frequency to the nearest step.  The .5 kHz
digit appears to the right of the nearest frequency.

If you have expanded the frequency coverage and enter a frequency outside
the default range, the display flashes.


To receive transmissions, turn on the HTX-204 and tune to the desired
frequency.  Adjust the volume and squelch for clear reception.  The TX/RX
BUSY indicator lights green when the HTX-204 is receiving a transmission.

Volume and squelch are combined on one control for each band.  The inner
part is VOL (volume) and the outer part is SQL (squelch).

VHF adjusts the volume and squelch for the VHF band; UHF adjusts the volume
and squelch for the UHF band.

Turn the control clockwise to increase the volume and counterclockwise to
decrease it.

If the HTX-204 picks up unwanted, weak transmissions, rotate SQL clockwise
to decrease the HTX-204's sensitivity to these signals.  If you are trying
to hear a weak transmission, rotate SQL counterclockwise.  When you do this
you might hear a hiss between transmissions.


If you use paging, code squelch, or tone squelch, you might not hear a
transmission on the current frequency.  To temporarily turn off squelch, so
you hear all transmissions on the frequency, hold down SQL OFF.  To return
to normal squelch, release SQL OFF.


There are two basic types of communication you can use with this HTX-204;
simplex (or direct) and duplex (or repeater).  With simplex transmissions,
you transmit and receive on the same frequency.  With duplex transmissions,
you transmit on one frequency and receive on another.  For more information
about duplex transmission, see "Operation II," Faxback Doc. # 38810 and
"Operation III," Faxback Doc. # 38826.

Caution:  It is illegal to transmit if you do not have at least a Technician
          Class license issued by the FCC.

Follow these steps to transmit.

1.  Press MAIN until MAIN appears to the left of the desired band.

2.  Select the desired frequency using the keypad.

    Note:  The HTX-204 automatically sets the correct duplex offset and
           direction if you select a frequency that is designated for
           repeater use per commonly adopted band plans.

3.  Hold the HTX-204 with the microphone about 3 inches from your mouth.

4.  Hold down PTT, then speak slowly and clearly into the microphone.  The
    TX/RX BUSY indicator lights red when you transmit.

5.  Release PTT when you finish transmitting.


The HTX-204 has three transmit power levels - high, medium, and low.

                        VHF            UHF

High* (H)               5 Watts        5 Watts

Medium (M)              2 Watts        1.8 Watts

Low (L)                 .35 Watts      .35 Watts

* High power is limited to 5 watts maximum.  The actual high power level
  depends on your power source's voltage level.  Using the 7.2-volt
  battery pack, there is no difference in power output between high and
  medium power.

The HTX-204 is preset to the medium power level.  To change the power level
for the current band, repeatedly press FUNC + PO until the HTX-204 displays
the desired power level - H (high), M (medium), or L (low) - beside the
selected band's signal-strength meter.


The calling frequency lets you quickly select a commonly used frequency for
instant access.  Each band has its own calling frequency.  For VHF, the
default calling frequency is 146.520 MHz, and for UHF it is 445.000 MHz.

Tuning to the Calling Frequency

Follow these steps to tune to the calling frequency.

1.  Select the main band.

2.  Press CALL.  The HTX-204 displays C and the current calling frequency.

3.  To exit the calling frequency, press CALL, V/M, or CL.

    Note:  Pressing CL sets the VFO frequency to the calling frequency.

Changing the Calling Frequency

1.  Select the main band and set the HTX-204 to the VFO (direct tuning)

2.  Enter the new calling frequency using CH or the keypad.

3.  Press FUNC + ENT.  The HTX-204 displays -- to the left of the frequency.

4.  Press CALL.  The HTX-204 displays C for about 1 second.

Note:  The repeater offset direction and frequency, paging squelch, and
       code squelch modes are also stored with the calling frequency.
       See "Operation II," Faxback Doc. # 38810 to change those settings.



1.  Select the main band and set the HTX-204 to the VFO mode (so no memory
    number appears to the left of the frequency).

2.  Set the HTX-204 to the frequency you want to store and set all other
    options to your desired settings.

3.  To store the frequency and the settings in an empty memory, press V/M.
    Then rotate CH to select a memory that does not have M to the left of
    the memory number.  Press FUNC + ENT to store the settings.

    To replace the contents of a memory, press FUNC + ENT.  Then enter the
    memory number (00-59).

Note:  If you change a setting while the HTX-204 is set to a stored memory
       that setting is also automatically stored in memory.


1.  Press MAIN until MAIN appears to the left of the desired band.

2.  Set the HTX-204 to the VFO mode by pressing V/M until a memory number
    appears to the left of the frequency.

3.  Turn CH or use the keypad to enter the memory number.


    To change memories 10 at a time, hold FUNC then rotate CH.

    When you select a memory that has stored information, M appears to the
    left of the memory number and HTX-204 recalls the stored settings.  If
    you select an empty memory, M does not appear, and the HTX-204 tunes to
    the VFO frequency.

4.  Press V/M or CL to return to the VFO mode.

    Note:  Pressing CL sets the VFO to the current memory settings.


To help you easily remember the station associated with each memory, the 
HTX-204 lets you store an ID of up to six-characters with each memory.
This ID could be a call sign, repeater name, city, person's name, or any
other text.

Follow these steps to store a text ID with a memory.

1.  Select the memory you want to assign a text ID to.

2.  Press ID to display the current text ID.  No Name appears if no text ID
    is stored.

3.  Press FUNC + SFT.  The ID's first character blinks.

    Note:  If no ID has been stored, the default ID is CH-0xx where xx is
           the current memory number.

4.  Change the ID's first character by rotating CH.  The characters change
    in the following order:

    ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ;
    < = > ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V
    W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _ ' a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q 
    r s t u v w x y z { | } - [blank]

5.  Move to a position by holding down FUNC while you rotate CH.  Or, press
    ID to move to the next position or SET to move to the previous position.

6.  Repeat steps 4-5 until you have entered the desired ID.

7.  To save the ID, press FUNC + ENT.  To quit without saving the ID, press
    CL or FUNC + SFT.


This function protects the settings in a memory so you do not accidentally
change or erase them.

1.  Select the memory you want to protect.

2.  Use the menu to set MEM Prot to On.  

If you try to change a memory's setting while memory protection is turned
on for that memory, the HTX-204 displays MEM Prot and does not allow the

To turn off memory protection, follow the above steps, but set MEM Prot to


1.  Select a memory to be erased.

2.  Press FUNC + ENT.  The HTX-204 displays the memory number and Clear?

    Note:  If you select a protected memory channel, the HTX-204 sounds a
           warning tone and displays MEM Prot for 1 second.  You cannot
           clear a protected memory.

3.  Press FUNC + ENT again.  M disappears and the HTX-204 sounds a long 
    beep to signal that the frequency is erased.

4.  Press V/M to return to the VFO mode.


To clear all 120 memories, including protected memories, turn off the
HTX-204.  Then press FUNC + ENT + PWR to turn on the HTX-204.  All 120
memories are cleared.


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