UHF/VHF Transceiver
(190-1124)                 Operation III              Faxback Doc. # 38826


If the HTX-204 seems to be malfunctioning, follow these steps to reset it.

Important Note:  Stored memories are cleared and all settings return to
                 their defaults when you reset the HTX-204.

1.  Turn off the HTX-204.

2.  Press FUNC + D + PWR to turn on the HTX-204.  The HTX-204 displays
    RESET?  Press C.

3.  Press C to confirm the reset, or press any other key to cancel.


Follow these steps to turn on all display elements.

1.  Turn off the HTX-204.

2.  Press 3 + PWR to turn on the HTX-204.  All display elements turn on.

3.  Release 3.  The HTX-204 returns to normal operation.


The default frequency step is 5 kHz for VHF and 12.5 kHz for UHF.  Follow
these steps to change the frequency step for a band.

1.  Select the main band.

2.  Use the menu to set Step to the desired setting.  

    You can set the step to 5.0, 10.0, 12.5, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0, 30.0, or 
    50.0 kHz.


You can change the frequency in larger steps by pressing FUNC while you
turn CH.  To set the function step size, use the menu to set Function Stp
to the desired setting.

You can set the step to 0.1 MHz (default), 1.0 MHz, or 10.0 MHz.


You can turn on the display light for 5 seconds or continuously so you can
see the display in the dark.

To turn on the light for 5 seconds, press LAMP.

To turn on the light so it stays on, press FUNC + LAMP.  To turn off the
light, press FUNC + LAMP again.


Locking Only the Keypad

To lock the HTX-204's keypad so you do not accidentally change settings,
press FUNC + K.L. (key lock).  The HTX-204 displays the key symbol in the
upper right corner.  The keypad is locked, but you can still transmit and

To turn off key lock, press FUNC + K.L. again.

Locking CH and the Keypad

To lock CH and the keypad, use the menu to set Selector Lock to On.
Then follow the instructions in "Locking Only the Keypad".  To set the
HTX-204 to only lock the keypad, use the menu to set Selector Lock to Off.


You can set your HTX-204 to either require you to enter the 1 kHz digit or
to automatically set it.  Use the menu to set 1 kHz Digit to the desired 

On - You must enter the 1 kHz digit.

Off - The HTX-204 automatically sets the 1 kHz digit.


When auto power off is turned on, the HTX-204 automatically turns off after
30 minutes of inactivity.  The HTX-204 sounds a warning beep 1 minute 
before the power turns off and flashes APO PWR OFF.  Use the menu to set
APO to the desired setting.

On - The HTX-204 displays APO and turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Off - The HTX-204 stays on until you turn it off.


The time-out timer alerts you if you try to transmit for longer than a
specified period of time.  This feature prevents channel tie-up and 
excessive battery drain if PTT is accidentally held down.

Use the menu to set TOT to the desired setting.  

Off - Transmit time is not limited.

1-15 - Transmit time is limited to the set number of minutes.

When transmit time is limited, the HTX-204 sounds a warning beep 30 seconds
before it stops transmitting.


The battery save option lets you extend the HTX-204's battery life.  The
battery save function turns off one or both of the HTX-204's RF sections
(VHF or UHF) for the time you specify and then turns on the HTX-204 to
check for a signal.  Once it senses a signal, it stays on until 2 seconds
after the signal disappears.

For example, if you set battery save to 3 seconds, the HTX-204 powers down
the RF section for 3 seconds, then checks for a transmission for .6 seconds.


In the battery save mode, do not use paging or code squelch.  If you do,
the HTX-204 could miss all or part of the DTMF sequence.

Battery save is automatically disabled in the scan and dual watch modes.

Select the main band.  Then use the menu to set SAVE to the desired setting.

Off - Battery Save is turned off for the selected band.

0.5 - 5.0 - The RF section of the selected band turns off for the specified
            number of seconds.  S appears on the display to the right of
            the selected band's frequency.


Use the menu to set BEEP to the desired setting.  

On - The HTX-204 beeps each time you press a key.

Off - The HTX-204 does not beep when you press a key.


Full duplex operation lets you transmit on one band while you receive on
the other, without muting reception.  This operation resembles speaking
over a telephone.

Use the menu to set Duplex to the desired setting.

On - The secondary band is not muted when you transmit on the main band.

Off - The secondary band is muted when you transmit on the main band.

Note:  To prevent an echo between the internal speaker and microphone,
       we recommended you use an external speaker/microphone when you
       select full duplex operation.


Use the menu to set Speaker Mode to select which band uses an external
speaker instead of the internal speaker.  

With external speaker connected:

    Setting             VHF Sound                UHF Sound

    I I                 External speaker         External speaker
    I E                 Internal speaker         External speaker
    E I                 External speaker         Internal speaker

No external speaker connected:

    Setting             VHF sound                UHF sound

    I I                 Internal speaker         Internal speaker
    I E                 Internal speaker         No sound
    E I                 No sound                 Internal speaker


Your HTX-204 can automatically set its reception mode (AM or FM) depending
on the selected frequency.  When this option is on (the default), the
HTX-204 selects AM reception for frequencies between 108.000 MHz and
137.000 MHz.  It selects FM reception for all other frequencies.

Use the menu to turn AUTO AM on or off.  

On - The HTX-204 automatically selects the reception mode.

Off - You must manually set the reception mode.


To override the automatic setting or set the mode when Auto AM is turned
off, use the menu to set AM Mode to the desired reception mode.  


AM reception is available only with the VHF band.

A replaces the first digit of the frequency when you select the AM mode.

On - AM reception is turned on.

Off - AM reception is turned off (FM reception).

The HTX-204 automatically returns to the default reception mode if you
change the frequency when Auto AM is turned on.  Otherwise, the HTX-204
remains in the selected mode until you manually change it.


To improve reception in areas with many RF sources, you can reduce your
HTX-204's receive sensitivity by turning on the attenuation.  To change
the current band's sensitivity, use the menu to set the ATT option to the
desired setting.

Off - No receive attenuation.

On - About 15 dB attenuation in UHF, about 25 dB attenuation in VHF.  "A"
     appears on the display below and to the right of the band's frequency.


You can personalize your HTX-204 by having it display a six-character 
message each time you turn on your HTX-204.

Follow these steps to store a power-on message.

1.  Press FUNC + SET to see the menu.

2.  Turn CH to select PwrOnMsg and the current message.

3.  Press FUNC + SFT.  The power-on messages first letter blinks or a
    blinking cursor appears if no message has been stored.

4.  Change the ID's first character by rotating CH.  The characters change
    in the following order:

    ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . \ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ;
    < = > ? @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V
    W X Y Z { | } -

5.  Move to the next position by pressing ID, move to the previous 
    character by pressing SET, or move to any position by pressing FUNC
    while you turn CH.

6.  Repeat steps 4-5 until you have entered the desired message.

7.  To save the message, press FUNC + ENT.  To quit without saving the
    message, press CL or press FUNC + SFT.


The clone feature lets you copy all memory contents and settings from one
HTX-204 to any others by transmitting a sequence of DTMF tones from the
source HTX-204 to the target HTX-204(s).


   Set the time-out timer to longer than 6 minutes when you use the clone
   feature.  Otherwise, the source HTX-204 could stop transmitting before
   the cloning operation is complete.

   Turn off battery save before starting the clone function.

   For the most reliable cloning, we recommend you reset the target HTX-204
   before you begin.

Follow these steps on each HTX-204 to use clone.

1.  Set each HTX-204 to the same band and frequency.  We recommend you 
    select a seldom-used simplex frequency, to avoid interference with 
    other stations.

2.  Press FUNC + SET to see the menu.

3.  Turn CH to select Clone Off.

4.  Press SET.  The HTX-204 immediately displays the frequency you selected
    in step 1, and PAG and C.SQ also appear in the display to indicate that
    the HTX-204 is in the clone mode.

5.  Press and release PTT on the source HTX-204 to start cloning.  During
    cloning, PAG blinks on each target HTX-204's display.  It takes about
    6 1/2 minutes to complete the cloning process.

After cloning is complete, all target HTX-204s turn off.  If an error 
occurs, the target HTX-204's display CLN Err.  This most often occurs if
another transmission interferes with the cloning transmission.  Try to
clone again.


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