HTX-404 440 MHz UHF FM Transceiver
(190-1140)                 Error Codes                Faxback Doc. # 6178

The HTX-404 has two error code displays.  This section explains each error

ER1: Internal RAM Error

ER1 indicates that the HTX-404 has detected an error in its battery-backed
up memory.  This is most commonly caused by a low lithium backup battery,
but can also be caused by static discharge or a physical shock.  To clear
the error, reset the HTX-404 by turning it off, then holding down F + D
while you turn it on again.  This clears and reinitializes memory.

If the transceiver frequently displays the error have the battery replaced
by an authorized RadioShack repair center.

ER2:  PLL Unlock Error

ER2 indicates that the HTX-404's PLL section has unlocked.  Have the
HTX-404 repaired by an authorized RadioShack repair center.

(RLR/EB 3/2/98)

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