HTX-404 440 MHz UHF FM Transceiver
(190-1140)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 8839

The Realistic HTX-404 440 MHz (70 cm) Amateur UHF  FM Transceiver offers
both the newly-licensed Tech and the experienced amateur the most advanced
features presented in a handheld transceiver. Read this entire manual to
learn about all of your HTX-404's capabilities.

     Narrow Front End - Rejects intermodulation interference from strong
                        signal sources.

   True FM Modulation - Provides a more natural sounding signal, with high
                        clarity and better performance on packet systems.

16 Frequency Memories - Includes one calling-frequency memory, three
                        priority-frequency memories, and 112 standard

  Tone Coded Transmit - Includes the sub-audible tones required by some
   and Decode (CTCSS)   repeaters, and also lets you set a sub-audible
                        tone that your HTX-404 must receive to open

      Touch-Tone Page - Lets you set a sequence of up to 9 touch-tones
                        your HTX-404.  Must receive to sound an alert tone
                        and open squelch.

   Programmable Power - Extends battery life by setting the receiver to
                Saver   standby when there are no transmissions.

     Nine DTMF Memory - Lets you store nine touch-tone sequences of up to
            Sequences   15 digits each so you can quickly transmit the
                        sequences you commonly use to activate repeaters,
                        auto-patches or other stations equipped with touch
                        tone page.

       Multi-Function - Includes standard memory, priority frequency
             Scanning   memory, and frequency range scanning, and
                        automatically resumes scanning when the carrier
                        drops, resumes scanning after 10 seconds, or stops
                        scanning when it detects a carrier.

Programmable Frequency- Lets you set the frequency step for tuning or
                 Step   scanning to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, or 100 kHz.
 Note: You must have a Technician Class or higher Amateur Radio Operator's
       License and a call sign issued by the FCC to legally transmit.
       Transmitting without a license carries heavy penalties.  Getting a
       license is easier than ever. See "Introduction to Amateur Radio"
       for more information.

(smc/EB 3/2/98)

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