HTX-404 440 MHz UHF FM Transceiver
(190-1140)                 Manual Conventions         Faxback Doc. # 46637

Your HTX-404's buttons each have two or more functions.  The abbreviation
for the function is printed on, above, to the left or below the button.
For functions below or to the left of the button, the function
abbreviation is printed in orange. To make this manual clearer, buttons
are referred to by the function being used. For example, the lower right
button on the keypad is referred to in different sections as D, CLR, VF
and M -> VFO.

To activate certain HTX-404 features you must press F (function) plus
another button. Such key combinations are printed with a (+) between the
button names. For example, F + BEEP means press and hold down F while you
press BEEP.

Also, this manual uses the following text conventions:

Button names are printed in bold, capital letters: BEEP, DTMF and so on.

Words, symbols and numbers that appear on the display are printed in a
distinctive typeface: 446.940, M - CH and so on.

For a complete key reference, see the Key Index on Faxback Doc. # 46656.

(EB 3/3/98)

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