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  The Radio Shack HTX‑202 2 Meter FM Handheld Transceiver Cheat Sheet
By Mike Morris WA6ILQ
(This information also applies to the HTX‑404 with
appropriate frequency and offset changes)
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In the instructions below pSC is the star key and qSC is the pound key.
[F] is the Function button on the side of the radio (the button above the PTT bar).

Storing a frequency in memory
1. Select VFO Mode Press [VF]
2. Enter Frequency Enter the last 4 digits of the receiver frequency.  For instance, for 147.570, enter 7570.  On a mistake, re-enter the digits.
3. Select Tone Freq Press [F] [M-SET] Press pSC or qSC to step up or down through the configuration menu described below.
At tc, rotate the tuning knob to select the Transmit Subaudible Tone.
Press PTT to exit the menu and save the configuration.
4. Turn on Tone Encoder Press [F] [T-SQL].  Confirm the T-SQL symbol is showing in the display
5. Set the Transmit Offset Press [F] [+/-] to toggle between +, -, or no (zero) offset.
6. Store in Mem Channel Press [F] and rotate the tuning knob to select the memory channel.
Press and hold [F] [M-WR] for 1 second to store the frequency into the selected channel slot.
7. Select Memory Mode

Press [MR]

Other Frequency-Related Operations
Clear Mem
Press [MR] and select the memory channel to clear.
Press [F] [M-CLR] to clear.
Copy Mem
to VFO
(recall mem)
Press [MR]
Select the channel, then press [F] [M-CLR]
Press  [VF]

Other Operations
Set Power Press the Low Power button on top of the radio
IN for Low power, OUT for High Power.
Lock / Unlock
the Keyboard
Press [F] [LOCK].  The Lock symbol appears.
Repeat to unlock.
Power Save Press [F] [SAVE].  The Save symbol appears.
Repeat to unlock.
Memory Scan Press [MR]
Press pSC or qSC to scan in that direction.
Press [VF]
Press [F] [M-SET]
Press pSC or qSC to set the scan limits.
Press PTT to exit the menu and save the configuration.
Press pSC or qSC to scan in that direction.

Configuration Menu Code Default Explanation
Symbol Default Description
oS 0.600 Transmitter Offset
tc 88.5 Transmitter Subaudible Tone Frequency
rc 88.5 Receiver Subaudible Tone Frequency
Sr 20 Frequency Step
ti   Scan Resume Time Interval
Sd   Scan Delay Time Interval
S1 144.00 Lower Frequency Scan limit
S2 148.00 Upper Frequency Scan limit
Ud dn Vacant Scan Direction
PS 1-16 Power Save Duty Cycle
tE oFF Transmitter Inhibit
to oFF Transmitter Timeout
Lb 4 Frequency Lock Time
Ar oFF Touchtone Reply

To clear an "ER 1" error you have to give the radio it's own version of the three-finger salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del): press [F] and the "D" button on the keyboard while turnning the radio on. This resets the CPU (which totally wipes the memory channels).

"ER 1" situations are frequently caused by a dead coin cell internal to the radio. The Radio Shack page at this web site has an article on curing this problem: "Replacing the Memory Backup Coin Cell in the HTX-202 and HTX-404 Handheld Radios" by by Richard Luts KD4SEV and Craig LaBarge WB3GCK.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: his-callsign // at // repeater-builder // dot // com.

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