PRO-2038 Programmable Scanner
(200-0413)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 18271

Your new Radio Shack PRO-2038 50-Channel Home/Mobile Programmable Scanner
lets you in on all the action.  You can quickly tune to over 2,000
preprogrammed frequencies that include those used by police and fire
departments, ambulance services, aircraft communications, amateur radio
services, and transportation services.  The secret to your scanner's
ability to scan so many frequencies is its custom-designed microprocessor 
- a tiny, built-in computer.

Your scanner is preprogrammed for convenience.  By pressing a single
button, you can quickly scan those frequencies most widely used by public
service and other agencies without tedious and complicated programming. 
The scanner even lets you group special or interesting frequencies into
their own channels.

Compact and versatile, the scanner mounts in your home or vehicle.  Your
scanner has all these special features:

      Five Service Scan Banks - lets you scan pre-set frequencies in
                                separate police, fire/emergency, marine,
                                air, and weather banks to make it easy to
                                quickly identify calls.  You can also add
                                frequencies to channels in the police and
                                fire/emergency banks.

            Private Scan Bank - lets you store up to 20 interesting
                                frequencies that you find while scanning or
                                searching, so you can group unusual or
                                special frequencies together for fast

       Twelve Frequency Bands - lets you quickly and easily search pre-set 
                                frequency ranges, so you can find new and
                                unlisted broadcasts.

Two-Second Channel Scan Delay - automatically delays scanning for 2 seconds
                                before moving to another channel so you can
                                hear more replies.

            Lock-Out Function - keeps selected channels from being scanned,
                                so you can skip over busy channels.

                Memory Backup - keeps channel frequencies stored in memory
                                for up to 3 days during a power loss.

              Backlit Display - makes it easy to view and change
                                programming information at any time.

            Two Power Options - lets you power the scanner from standard AC
                                power (with the supplied AC adapter), or
                                your vehicle's battery (with an optional DC
                                cigarette lighter power cable).

Your scanner can receive all of these frequencies:

    29-29.7 MHz (10-Meter Amateur Radio, VHF Lo)

    30-50 MHz (VHF Lo)

    50-54 MHz (6-Meter Amateur Radio)

    108-137 MHz (Aircraft)

    137-144 MHz (Government)

    144-148 MHz (2-Meter Amateur Radio)

    148-174 MHz (VHF Hi)

    406-420 MHz (Government)

    420-450 MHz (70-Centimeter Amateur Radio)

    450-470 MHz (UHF Lo)

    470-512 MHz (UHF "T" Band)

    806-824 MHz (UHF Public Service)

    849-902 MHz (UHF Hi)

    902-928 MHz (33-Centimeter Amateur Radio)

    929-956 MHz (UHF Hi)


Your scanner might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating
properly.  To determine whether or not your scanner is causing the 
interference, turn off your scanner.  If the interference goes away, your
scanner is causing it.  Try to eliminate the interference by:

    Moving your scanner away from the receiver.

    Connecting your scanner to an outlet that is on a different electrical
    circuit from the receiver.

    Contacting your local Radio Shack store for help

If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop 
using your scanner.

(CS 10/16/95)

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