PRO-2038 Programmable Scanner
(200-0413)              Special Features              Faxback Doc. # 18274


To keep from accidentally changing the scanner's programming, you can lock
the scanner's memory by setting the MEMOLOCK OFF/ON switch on the back of
the scanner to ON.  If you try to change the scanner's programming, the
scanner displays Prg-Loc, and the programming does not change.

Set MEMOLOCK OFF/ON to OFF to add or change information in the scanner's


Many agencies use a two-way radio system that might have a pause of several
seconds between a query and a reply.

When your scanner displays an active frequency or channel, it automatically
waits for 2 seconds after the completion of each transmission on that
frequency or channel before it resumes scanning.


You can scan banks faster by locking out many frequencies or channels that
have a continuous transmission or static.

To lock out a frequency or channel while scanning, press L/OUT when the
scanner displays the frequency or channel number until L/O appears.

To remove the lockout, manually select the frequency or channel, then press
L/OUT when the scanner displays the frequency or channel number. L/O 
disappears from the display.

NOTES:  The scanner automatically locks out empty channels.

        You can lock out all frequencies and channels in a bank.  However,
        if all frequencies and channels within the bank are locked out, the
        scanner beeps three times when you press that bank key and will not
        scan the bank.

        You can still manually select locked-out channels.

        You cannot lock out any frequencies within the WX or AIR service
        scan banks.

Removing a Lockout from All Channels and Frequencies within a Bank

You can remove a lockout from all non-empty channels and frequencies in a

1.  Press the bank key for the scan bank containing the channels or 
    frequencies you want to remove a lockout from.

2.  Press HOLD.

3.  Press and hold down L/OUT until the scanner beeps softly three times.
    The scanner removes the lockout from all channels and frequencies
    within the selected bank.

NOTE:  When you store a frequency in an empty channel, the scanner 
       automatically removes the lockout.


The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has allocated 11 frequencies
for use by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
NOAA broadcasts your local forecast and regional weather information on one
or more of these frequencies in your area.  All U.S. weather frequencies
available to NOAA are in the 148-174 MHz frequency band.

Your scanner has these weather channels preprogrammed in the WX service
scan bank:

    162.400 MHz
    162.425 MHz
    162.450 MHz
    162.475 MHz
    162.500 MHz
    162.525 MHz
    162.550 MHz

To scan the WX service scan bank, simply press WX.

To manually tune to stations in the WX service scan bank:

1.  Press WX.

2.  Press HOLD.

3.  Press ^ or v to tune up or down the WX service scan bank.

NOTE:  For a list of all 11 national weather frequencies, see "National
       Weather Frequencies," Faxback Doc.#17653, A Guide To Scanning.

(CS 10/11/95)

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