PRO-2038 Programmable Scanner
(200-0413)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 18276

If your scanner is not working as it should, these suggestions might help
you eliminate the problem.  If the scanner still does not operate properly,
take it to your local Radio Shack store for assistance.

          Symptom                               Suggestion
  Scanner is on but will not scan.     Be sure SQ is adjusted properly
                                       (see "Turning On the Scanner/Setting
  Scanner scans continuously and       Volume and Squelch," Faxback Doc.
  never stops on a transmission.       # 18273, Operation).

  Scanner produces a constant 
  hissing sound.
  Scanner receives stations poorly     Check the antenna (indoor or 
  or not at all.                       outdoor)

  Scanner scans continuously and       Signals may be blocked from being
  never stops on a transmission.       received by the scanner due to
                                       metal frames or material in the
                                       building.  Change the scanner's
                                       location and try again.
Scanner does not work at all.          Check the AC adapter and AC outlet.
Scanner locks on frequencies that      The scanner might be tuned to a
have an unclear transmission.          "birdie" frequency.  Listen to
                                       "birdie" frequencies manually.  See
                                       "Birdie Frequencies" in "Guide to
                                       Frequencies," Faxback Doc.# 18272,
                                       General Guide.

(CS 10/16/95)

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