RadioShack Frequently Asked Questions

190-1122 HTA-20 VHF Amplifier with RX Pre-Amplifier

Question: How many watts does the amp boost?
Answer: This boosts the signal from 0.5 - 5 Watts up to 30 Watts.

Question: Is there any attenuation or gain while the amp is turned on for 2-meter receive?
Answer: The received signal goes through a narrow bandpass filter to reduce interference and then amplified to a pre amp line level and sent to the transceiver.

190-1101 HTX-100 10-Meter SSB/CW Mobile Transceiver

Question: Is there any way to disable the key tone or "button beep" on this radio?
Answer: No.

190-1102 HTX-200 Mini Handheld 2-Meter FM Amateur Transceiver

Question: When in scan mode and a signal is found, the scanner continues to scan even though the transmission is not finished. Is this normal?
Answer: The scan delay feature delays the restart of scanning when a signal is found. The delay time is manually set by the user for a period of time between 1 and 30 seconds. After this delay time the scanner continues to scan whether or not the transmission is finished. To cancel the scanning process and continue listening to the transmission, press down on the scan button or quickly press and let go of the push-to-talk button. To resume scanning, press down on the scan button.

Question: What batteries does this require; how well does it work on batteries?
Answer: This radio will operate on two "AA" Ni-Cads. Using two "AA" RadioShack Enercells (Cat. No. 230-0872), we have tested this radio on and monitoring repeaters well over 20 hours with the batteries still in full operational status, with full RF Output, per published specs. Actual battery life is affected by a number of factors and will vary.

190-1120 HTX-202 2-Meter FM Handy Transceiver

Question: I get an E-2 error on my display.
Answer: This indicates that the Phase Loop Lock (PLL) has come unlocked. The radio should be taken in to your local RadioShack store for repair; they will send it to the nearest Service Center.

Question: Why can't I get to a repeater?
Answer: To operate with a repeater, you must transmit on the repeater's input frequency and receive on the repeater's output frequency. If you frequently use a repeater that does not have a 600 kHz offset, we recommend you program the repeater frequency into one of the transceiver's memories. You can override the default offset for each memory. To change the default offset, follow the steps in "Understanding the Configuration Menu" to display the oS menu item, and rotate TUNE to change the offset. The transceiver lets you set the offset to be in the range from 0 MHz to 4 MHz in steps as set by the frequency step option.

190-1106 HTX-245 2 Meter/70 cm FM Amateur Transceiver

Question: What type of connector does it have? What do you recommend to connect this to an external antenna?
Answer: This radio has a female BNC connector. We sell an adapter cable as Cat. No. 940-1183 which has a male BNC on the radio end, about 2-1/2 ft of mini-coax (RG-174 type) and a female BNC on the other end. This adapter allows you to get cleanly away from the radio; then, you can match up the BNC to an external antenna.

Question: What are the exact frequency ranges (from MHz to MHz) on this radio?
Answer: Here is the chart:
  Standard Expanded*
VHF RX 144 - 148 MHz 142.00 - 149.88 MHz
VHF TX 144 - 148 MHz 142.00 - 149.88 MHz
UHF RX 438 - 450 MHz 420.00 - 450.00 MHz
UHF TX 438 - 450 MHz 420.00 - 450.00 MHz

Weather Band: 162.400, 162.425, 162.450, 162.475, 162.500, 162.525, 162.550. These are the seven (7) NOAA broadcast frequencies used in the USA.

* Expanded setting is to accommodate MARS/CAP frequencies; you must be careful not to transmit illegally out-of-band. To expand (or unexpand), hold down 2 and 3 and turn the radio on. Once it powers up, release 2 and 3 keys. This information is included in the Owner's Manual for all but the first product run. In the first production run, this information was packed separately from the manual in this addendum.

190-1140 HTX-404 Handheld Transceiver

Question: How do you reset the HTX-404?
Answer: When you first use the HTX-404, if the display shows ER1, or if you ever want to reset the HTX-404's options to the factory defaults and clear all memories, follow these steps: WARNING: This procedure clears all stored information.

  1. Turn off the HTX-404.
  2. Press and hold down F + CLR.
  3. Then turn on the HTX-404.