120-0261       7CH BED SIDE WRS WEATHER              Faxback Doc. # 71431

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Reference #             Cat.No.   Description                NP Part #
D002 D010 D011 D005     11318615  DIODE 1N4148 GP SI         1N4148     
Q001 Q004 Q006 Q009     10512762  XSTR 2SC1623 SI NPN        1TD0352    
Q010 Q012 Q013 Q015     10512762                             1TD0352    
Q016 Q017 Q020          10512762                             1TD0352    
Q022 Q201 Q202 Q204     10514404  XSTR 2SC4226(R24) SI NPN   1TD0585    
Q205                    10514404                             1TD0585    
Q005                    11411774  XSTR 2S952L SI PNP         2SA952L    
24                      12403929  ANTENNA ROD                A90496     
C028                    10578060  CAP CER 10UF +-20 16V      CE106MDCA  
                                  BATTERIES USE B2300875     CS0000X    
                        12413183  CUSHION                    DB91412    
D201 D203               10623593  DIODE LL4148 FAST RECT     DX0702     
                        10623593                             DX0702     
J003                    12413175  JACK POWER DC              J90741     
U004                    12413167  LCD                        L90633     
                        12413209  MANUAL USERS 12-261        MU1200261  
U002                    10872190  IC,KA386 AF AMP            MX0599     
                        10872190                             MX0599     
U007                    12347746  IC,XC62FP5002 SOT89S       MX91214    
                        12347746                             MX91214    
U005                    12388385  IC EEPROM ROHM             MX91438    
VR201                   12073789  POT SEMI-FIXD VR 20K TONE  P90214     
SW1 SW8                 12173654  SWITCH KEY MON/PTT         S90378     
J001                    12403937  SPEAKER P40NM01R-037       SP90394    
                        12413191  ADAPTER POWER              WE90448    
                                  TO COST                    XB0000X    

(This list was generated on 07/08/2005)

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