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Scott Zimmerman

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If you have general repeater or equipment-related questions about topics or issues not mentioned on this web site, there are other, more responsive venues available, such as Yahoo and Google groups. Also, do a little bit of web searching on your own before you ask an author for help. Many questions can be answered a lot quicker if you do some research first, and often the information you need is in another file or article already on this site.

Any requests for radio programming software (i.e. GE software, Johnson software, Kenwood KPG software, Motorola Radio Service Software or RSS, etc.), or where to download any radio programming software will be ignored!

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Scott Zimmerman N3XCC: his-callsign // at // repeater-builder // dot // com

Areas of expertise: Expert at nothing, but fairly proficient in most areas of two-way radio and general electronics knowledge.

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