Unsubscribing from a Yahoo Group email list.

Yahoo Groups is a web run email community management system.
You may go to the yahoogroups website and change your subscription status, or do it from within the mailer, which is as easy as going to the website.

Go to   http://www.groups.yahoo.com/    and sign in by entering your Yahoo ID and password.

You should see "My Groups" listed.  This is where you select the list you want to change setting on.

A page with a list of the email communities that you are subscribed to will come up.
Select the list by clicking on the name of the list you want to enter.
There is a "pull down" box  to easily unsubscribe or otherwise change the status for any of the lists you are a member of.

Those who have Juno, or any other email only service, cannot access the website.  Here is a way for you to subscribe/unsubscribe.

Say you wanted to subscribe or unsubscribe to the Repeater-Builder list.

To join the Repeater-Builder list, send a msg to:


No subject or text required.

To unsubscribe, use:


The commands MUST be sent from the address that the subscription is now going to.

Hope this helps,

Kevin Custer W3KKC

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