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Information courtesy John Perone - W8RXX

What's a Repeaterism?

A Repeaterism is an audio track (originally recorded on a cart machine) of a professional sounding radio announcer giving a narration of good repeater operating practices/procedures.   The announcer was Bill Hamilton, not known to actually be a ham.

The Repeaterisms were engineered and recorded at Musicol Recording Studios in Columbus, Ohio by owner John Hull W8RRJ back in the early 70's.

The original reel-to-reel master is still at Musicol today.

They were written for the 146.76 Columbus, Ohio repeater which went on the air in 1970.

They ran on cart machines at the time as well as many of the club's other recorded announcements.

Both Musicol and the 76 repeater (with the Repeaterisms on CD now) are still alive and well today.

Information courtesy John Perone W8RXX, a Director at the Central Ohio Radio Club ( ).

Repeaterism 4 is no longer legally correct, ending your callsign with "mobile (call area)" was the rule then, but is no longer required.

A left-click will download and play the track, just like any WAV or MP3 file.

To grab local copy just right click on any .wav or .mp3 link or either of the .zip file links below and select "Save As".

Andy Kadvan KA8R (andy at kadvan dot com) kindly converted the wav files to mp3s - Thanks, Andy.

  Downloadable fileTopic:
1 rptism01.wav, 318kb rptism01.mp3, 228kb Short transmissions
2 rptism02.wav, 308kb rptism02.mp3, 220kb Think before transmitting
3 rptism03.wav, 389kb rptism03.mp3, 278kb Pause between conversation handovers
3   rptism04.mp3, 278kb Identify properly
5 rptism05.wav, 342kb rptism05.mp3, 245kb Be Courteous
6 rptism06.wav, 259kb rptism06.mp3, 185kb Use simplex when possible
7 rptism07.wav, 378kb rptism07.mp3, 269kb Use low power when possible
8 rptism08.wav, 403kb rptism08.mp3, 288kb Support your local repeater club
9 rptism09.wav, 319kb rptism09.mp3, 228kb Butting in is not nice
10 rptism10.wav, 230kb rptism10.mp3, 165kb Blessed are those who listen
11 rptism11.wav, 581kb rptism11.mp3, 414kb Watch what you say
12 rptism12.wav, 302kb rptism12.mp3, 216kb One thought per transmission
13 rptism13.wav, 424kb rptism13.mp3, 303kb State your purpose
14 rptism14.wav, 275kb rptism14.mp3, 197kb When testing, say so, and be brief
15 rptism15.wav, 352kb rptism15.mp3, 252kb ID your station
16 rptism16.wav, 959kb rptism16.mp3, 681kb Certain words ... OH NO YOU DON'T !!

Or, if you want, you can get all the wavs as a single zip file (4.3meg) or all the mp3s as a single zip file (4.1meg)

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