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Maintained by Scott Zimmerman N3XCC
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Contact information:
Ritron, Inc.
505 West Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 46032
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-872-1872
Phone: 317-846-1201
email: ritron /at/ ritron /dot/ com

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Ritron's main PDF index can be found at

Repeater information:
Ritron RR-450 UHF repeater 11 pages in a 3.0 MB PDF
Ritron 454 UHF repeater   (this is a 7w tabletop unit)   21 pages in a 5.9 MB PDF courtesy of Steve Bosshard NU5D
Ritron 455 UHF repeater   (this is a 7w wall mount unit)   21 pages in a 10.2 MB PDF courtesy of David Struebel WB2FTX
Ritron "Liberty" RLR-460 UHF repeater   (this is a 2w jobsite repeater)   10 pages in a 1.9 MB PDF, mostly installation info
Ritron "Patriot" RRX-450 UHF Repeater Service Manual   76 pages in a 6.8 MB PDF
Ritron "Patriot" RRX short guide to retuning / reprogramming   7 pages in a 700 kB PDF
Ritron "Patriot" RRX-450 or RRX-452 (narrowband) UHF Repeater sales brochure   2 pages in a 372 kB PDF

Portable information:
Ritron RT-50 Low-Band Maintenance and Operation Manual   16 pages in a 1.3 MB PDF
Ritron "Jobcom" RT-15H (VOX-100) VHF Maintenance and Operation Manual   22 pages in a 2.0 MB PDF
Ritron DTX-150/450 Service manual   90 pages in a 3.5 MB PDF
Ritron RT-453 UHF Service manual   16 pages in a 1.5 MB PDF
Schematic of the RSM-3x Speaker-Mic   Originally hand-drawn by Scott N3XCC, redrawn by Bob WA1MIK, 21 kB PDF

Mobile information:
Ritron RPM-050 Low-Band Mobile Service Manual   4.2 MB PDF
Ritron RM-150 VHF Mobile Maintenance and Operation Manual   18 pages in a 2 MB PDF
Ritron RPM-150 VHF Mobile Tuning instructions   7 pages in a 3.3 MB PDF
Ritron RPM-150/450 VHF/UHF Mobile Service Manual   178 pges in a 10.1 MB PDF

Information on Specialty Products:
Ritron RP-200 Multifunction Telephone Interconnect and Paging Terminal   28 pages in a 6.5 MB PDF
Ritron Telenexus - Phone Line Extender Maintenance and Operation Manual   28 pages in a 2.6 MB PDF
Ritron RTT - Telemetry Transceiver Maintenance and Operation Manual   24 pages in a 1.8 MB PDF
Ritron RPQC-2 - Paging Quiet Call (1+1) and CTCSS Maintenance and Operation Manual   12 pages in a 800 kB PDF
Ritron RA-150 - VHF Mobile Amplifier / Charger Maintenance and Operation Manual   6 pages in a 500 kB PDF
Ritron Mobex Mobile Repeater Installation Manual   3 pages in a 240 kB PDF

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