152 MHz Paging Interference Issues

There are several things that need to be considered when dealing with paging interference.

1.)  If the paging transmitter is actually transmitting noise across the spectrum, their transmitter will need to have a filter placed on its output.

2.)  What is the separation between the repeater antenna and the paging antenna? If these are too close, then there may not be enough isolation for the system to work correctly.  The further apart (vertically) the better.

3.)  The front end of your repeater receiver may be getting overloaded. If that is the case, then a pass filter for your receiver will help.

I deal with interference issues all the time with the different paging companies. If you go through all the steps to make sure that your receiver has adequate filtering and can verify that the noise is coming from their equipment, I have had no problems getting them to place pass filters on the transmitters.


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