Canusa Heat Shrink
For antennas, feeder lines, connectors, etc.

Here is information for those wanting to obtain the large heat shrink I use to seal the Comet and Diamond fiberglass antenna joints, and Hustler aluminum mast and phasing coil joints.

This stuff is great for sealing connectors, antenna joints, covering shovel and sledge hammer handles and covering hand tool handles like large Crescent wrenches.

This shrink has an inert sealant that melts as the heat is applied for shrinking. This creates a good (won't leak if it was drug across the Atlantic) seal. Well maybe not that good......but damn good.

It is available from TVC Inc. of Chambersburg Penn.

The manufacturer is CANUSA. Pronounced ca-noo-sa.

The available sizes (unshrunk of course) are indicated by the model number.

Example: Part number:
CFTV-400 is 0.4" (that's zero point 4 inches)
CFTV-1100 is 1.1" diameter
CFTV-1300 is 1.3" diameter
CFTV-2050 is 2.05" diameter and so on.

These come in 4 foot lengths. I believe the shrink percentage is 50% of original. This is not fact however. I don't remember the spec. on shrinkage off-hand but it does shrink a lot.

These are the available sizes. The ones with pricing are normally in stock.
                  CFTV-1300  $5.16
                  CFTV-1500  $5.80
                  CFTV-1700  $5.95
                  CFTV-2050  $11.41

These people have a $50.00 minimum order, so get together with a friend or two and place an order. They will sell directly to the public. The models listed without pricing are available through TVC, but are usually not stocked.

If interested in purchasing some of this product, contact Tracy at TVC.
                  (800) 233-7600 in PA
                  (800) 233-7370 out of PA
                  (717) 264-1547 Direct Line from anywhere.

You can mention you talked with me, Kevin Custer from Masters Communications in Somerset PA, although it will not get you any better deal. The CFTV-750 is great for RG-8/PL-259s or Type N connectors.

In our business, we use a propane torch to shrink the tubing. It's wall thickness is very good, and not easily damaged by a little excess heat. You can actually catch it on fire and not damage it badly. It doesn't shrink well in windy conditions, (requires lots of propane) In severe wind I use MAPP gas as it burns hotter than propane, although this is usually not necessary. I have used this stuff for years and can attest to its quality if installed properly. There are other cheaper brands of this stuff than CANUSA, but (in two words) they suck.

Hope this helps,