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  Table of Capacitance Conversions and Values
By Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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It's easy for others, but every time I try to convert capacitance values I always end up off by at least one factor of ten !   My high school electronics instructor, Mr. Andreano, wrote the first three columns on the chalkboard one day in 1965, and I copied it into my notebook. I added column 4 while I worked at NASA/JPL. Just print it, cut it out and post it over your workbench. End of problem !

microFarads nanoFarads picoFarads 3-digit Markings Other Markings
0.000,001 µF 0.001 nF 1 pF   Sometimes labeled with a centered "P", as in 3P3=3.3pF
0.000,01 µF 0.01 nF 10 pF 100  
0.000,1 µF 0.1 nF 100 pF 101  
0.001 µF 1 nF 1,000 pF 102 As above, a centered "N" indicates nanoFarads, as in 3N3=3.3nF=.0033µF=3300pF
0.01 µF 10 nF 10,000 pF 103  
0.1 µF 100 nF 100,000 pF 104  
1 µF 1,000 nF 1,000,000 pF 105 As above, a centered "U" indicates microFarads, as in "1U0"=1.0µF. Just insert a decimal point for the "U" and call it µF. Likewise 2U2=2.2 µF.
10 µF 10,000 nF 10,000,000 pF 106  
100 µF 100,000 nF 100,000,000 pF    
1,000 µF 1,000,000 nF 1,000,000,000 pF    

This is all based on the fact that 1 µF=1x10-6 Farads, 1 nF=1x10-9 Farads and 1 pF=1x10-12 Farads.

Sometimes you will see parts labeled in a format similar to "3U3 63V". Those are most likely 3.3 microFarad 63 Volt DC capacitors. As above, just insert a decimal point for the "U" and call it microFarads.

The same situation applies to some resistor designations. 3K3 would be 3.3 K Ohms, 2M2 would be 2.2 megohms, 1R0 would be 1.0 Ohms.

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