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Manufactured By or For Motorola
Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

If anyone would like to contribute other test equipment manuals we'd be happy to host them. We'd also like to see articles on how-to-use, troubleshooting, repair, etc.

General Test Equipment:

The Motorola Portable Test Set Page
Information on several vintages including the P-8501, TU546, S‑1056 / 1057 / 1058 / 1059 series, R1033, RTX4005 and several base station / repeater test sets.
R1011B 40V 40A DC Power Supply Manual   2.4 MB PDF
R1013A SINAD Meter Manual   401 kB PDF
Donated by John Crabtree KCØG. 6881069A81
R1034A Control Line Test Set Manual   720 kB PDF   Photo of the R1034A tester Manual   6881069A77-O
Note that the R1034A Test Set and the R1034B Control Line Test Set are two very different products inside despite the fact that they have a similar purpose.
Many dispatch systems had the base station or repeater at one location and the control point at another. Setting up or maintaining the connecting phone line required the ability to make both DC and AC measurements. Motorola and Triplett together designed the Model R1034A Control Line Test Set, and the mixed background of the Motorola 2-way engineers and the telephone telecommunications background of the Triplett engineers shows in the design. This unit is essentially a specialized AC and DC VOM and an audio generator all in one ruggedized package (they used the existing housing from the Triplett 630-series VOM). It measures telephone line current, telephone line noise, DC resistance and both AC and DC Volts, and all measurements are using ranges that are optimized to telco control lines. This test set will also send audio tones at an adjustable level and measure received tones in dB on the meter. A pushbutton adds a 10dB attenuator in line. A switch on the lower left of the panel selects bridged or terminated mode. The unit was built into a sturdy protective carrying case with a pocket in the lid for the book and the probes, and a snap-hook shoulder strap for carrying. There is a 1 amp fast-blow fuse that is in line with the volts and ohms measuring circuitry inside the battery compartment. The test set is powered by two common 9 Volt batteries and one D-cell battery - and the second 9V battery is behind the "D" cell! Before you buy a second-hand R1034 make sure that you open it up and check for corrosion caused by leaky batteries (this is the voice of experience speaking...).
R1034B Control Line Test Set Manual   836 kB PDF   6880310B60-O
Note that the R1034A Test Set and the R1034B Control Line Test Set are two very different products inside despite the fact that they have a similar purpose.
This is a redesigned and updated version of the above. Triplett sold this unit as the "Model 4 Subscriber Loop Test Set" for doing telephone circuits. The text portion of the manual was scanned by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY, Richard Carlson N9JIG provided the schematic, and Bob WA1MIK cleaned and merged the whole thing. Also note that there are five batteries in this unit: two 9V packs (B1 and B2), two 22.5V packs (B3 and B4), and one 1.5V C cell (B5).
Triplett Model 4 Control Line Test Set Manual   860 kB PDF
This is the manual for the Triplett version of the Motorola R1034B test set above. It was scanned by Richard Carlson N9JIG and supplied to repeater-builder as three files.
R1100A Code Synthesizer Operator's Manual   7.2 MB PDF
R1150 / R1151 Code Synthesizer II Operator's Manual   1.5 MB PDF
This is manual 6880310B03-B dated October 1994 that covers the operation of the R1150, R1151, R1150A, R1150E and the RLN4504A memory upgrade kit (there are no schematics or technical information). The first 28 pages in the PDF file are the R1150 manual, and the last 8 pages are the R1151 addendum. Courtesy of Dan Fargo KB3EMH.
S1051C and S1053C Transistorized Voltmeter
S1051B Manual   857 kB PDF   donated by Eric Lemmon WB6FLY. 6881003A15-O
S1051C and S1053C Manual   2.9 MB PDF   6881021A05-C
This is an AC voltmeter that covers 1 millivolt (-72 dBm) to 300 volts (+52 dBm) in 12 ranges, and is +/- 2% from 50 Hz to 300 kHz, or +/-3% from 20 Hz to 1 MHz.
The S1051 is battery operated only and used a single 8.4 mercury battery (Mallory TR-136), which is no longer available. It works just fine with a standard 9 volt battery with a 470 ohm resistor in series with it. The S1053 series is AC or Battery operated, the AC adaptor provides 9 volts AC. It's easy to convert an S1051 into an S1053 by adding a leftover 9v DC wall wart and the missing components (the "C" version manual covers both units).
The SKN6001A is the "official" test lead kit that is used on several Moto measuring devices. It is a 30 inch length of RG-58-style shielded cable with a standard 2-pin bannana plug on one end and a pair of insulated alligator clips on the other.
S1067 Transistorized Audio Oscillator Manual   4.6 MB PDF
The manual calls for a no-longer-available 22.5 volt Burgess battery. An Eveready 763 (NEDA 710 or HS6571) battery works fine.
S1318A, S1319A, S1320A, S1321A and S1329A Signal Generators Manual   12.4 MB PDF
PDF'd and donated by Howard Thompson K2LAW. 6881061A75-A
S1318A, S1319A, S1320A, S1321A and S1329A Signal Generators Manual   16 MB PDF
A better quality version of the above manual.
S1327A Service Monitor Instruction Manual   6.7 MB PDF
A basic communications service monitor that accepts plug-in modules to provide analog metering and visual display of deviation. It also can utilize plug-in preselectors to enhance sensitivity and selectivity. Donated by Jeff Parker WA1WXL.
S1339A RF MilliVoltmeter Instruction Manual   2.1 MB PDF
It's the same as the Boonton 92E click here for a photo, because the S1339A was just a relabeled Boonton.
T-1034 RF Signal Generator   Schematic     External photo     Internal photo
All our source had was the pullout schematic - he's still looking for the rest of the manual... If anybody has it, let us know.
The T-1034 RF generator is a relabeled Measurements Corp. Model 80 generator. The original Model 80 (1944 vintage) ran from 2 MHz and went up to 400 MHz and were built by various companies under military contract under the designation TS-497A and TS-497B. The later 80-R model dropped the 2-5 MHz lowest frequency band and replaced it with a new 400-475 MHz highest frequency band (the mechanical design limits the number of frequency bands). The basic RF design relies on a 955 acorn triode connected as Colpitts oscillator. The 955 tube sits in a round silvered can (visible in the internal photo) surrounded by the various oscillator coils, which rotate into position with the band switching knob. The mechanical internals are beautifully laid out and a fine piece of precision work rivialling a good watch. Because the oscillator delivers the output power too, modulation is limited to 30% and is AM only - but there is enough FM in the output to be usable. Output power is induction coupled to a variable attenuator. The 80-R was built through the 1960s.
Technical Manual TM 11-5030A (3.9 MB) is for the TS-497B/URR military version of the Model 80. There are enough differences that we'd like to have the regular manual also. As far as military manuals go, if anyone has a copy of the later TM 11-6625-253-12P we'd like to get a copy.
SLN6221 Tone Generator   Photo     Manual (294 kB PDF)     Smaller file (203 kB PDF)
This is a reed-based test tone generator designed to plug into a service monitor. The upper socket is for the small reeds, the lower socket for the "copper banana" reeds. 6881114A02-B
SLN6222A and SLN6222B Reed Tester   Photo     Manual   587 kB PDF
This unit uses a no-longer-available 6.5-7 volt 1000 mAh mercury battery that is 0.662" diameter and 3.245" long. The battery may be one of the following brands and types: Eveready E135, Mallory TR-135, or Ray-O-Vac T-135. If you have one of these you may end up using an external battery pack or a DC wall-wart style power supply. There is enough room inside the case that you could add a 6v three-terminal regulator with one silcon diode to raise it 3/4 volt (which would deliver 6.75 volts), then power it with a 12vDC source. 6881114A04-D
SLN6413A DPL Test Set Manual   1.8 MB PDF. 6881069A30-A
ST855 Microphone Tester Manual   486 kB PDF
This is a handy device that was seen in a lot of large fleet radio maintenance shops (i.e. police departments, fire departments, etc). It is self contained with a tone generator, a speaker (that the microphone under test was plugged into) and a VU meter. 6881121A08-O
TEK-1A Tone Generator   Photo     Manual   522 kB PDF
This is a 2-tone test unit that was used to feed the external modulation port of an RF generator. 6881101A91-B
An older manual can be found here as a 687 kB PDF file. 6881101A91-O.
TEK-1B Tone Generator   Front Photo     Inside Photo #1     Inside Photo #2
This seems to be a later version of the TEK-1A tone generator.
TEK-7A Alignment Meter Manual   165 kB PDF
This is essentially a mini-test-set with an RF probe. 6881103A68-C
TEK-20 PL Tone Generator   Photo   Manual 215 kB PDF
This unit is similar to the TEK-1A tone generator above, but it accepts a single Vibrasender reed and provides an adjustable output that could be used as necessary. 6881102A44-O.
TEK-21 Pulse Generator Manual   Larger file (244 kB PDF)     Smaller file (175 kB PDF)
This is a generator used in testing "Extender" equipped mobile radio receivers. An "extender" is an IF-based noise blanker, usually found on 25-54 MHz radios but occasionally can be found on 136-174 MHz equipment. 6881102A42-O

Communications System Analyzers (Service Monitors):

R2001 series Service Monitor Power Supply Repairs by Steve Goggans K7LZJ
Steve goes through some personal experiences repairing the low-voltage and high-voltage power supplies on these units, and provides additional useful repair hints and tips.
R2001 series Service Monitor Extender Boards and Cables by Steve Goggans K7LZJ and Robert Meister WA1MIK
Sooner or later you'll need to extend a board or module. Motorola made an extender kit a long time ago. This article shows you how to make your own cables and an extender board that does the job.
Replacing the Power Supply Capacitors in the R2001B and R2001C series Service Monitors by Robert Meister WA1MIK
The display (CRT) in my R2001B was extremely dim and everyone suggested replacing all of the power supply capacitors. This article is an adjunct to Steve's article above. It also has clean scans of the power supply sections of the R2001C manual.
R2001A / R2002A series Service Monitor Service Manual   19 MB PDF
6881069E84-O dated 30-May-1980. IEEE-488 Option (GPIB) commands can be found on page 199 of this file. These are probably universal for most of the R20xx series.
R2001B / R2002B series Service Monitor Service Manual   19 MB PDF
6881069E93-O dated 30-Jun-1981. Option RTP-1002A Battery Pack can be found at the end of this file. This is probably universal for most of the R20xx series. PDF'd and donated by Neil Hughes VE1YZ.
R2001C / R2002C series Service Monitor Operations Manual   15 MB PDF
6881069E99-O dated 01-Dec-1982. PDF'd and donated by Steve Goggans K7LZJ.
R2001D Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   6 MB PDF
6881069A66-B dated 15-Jul-1985. This is a great manual to learn how to use your R20xx-series!
R2001D Communications System Analyzer Service Manual   45 MB PDF
6881069A63-O dated 29-Mar-1985.
R2008C Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   2.7 MB PDF
6881069A70-O dated 28-Jun-1984.
R2008D / R2010D series Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   3.5 MB PDF
6881069A62-O dated 08-Jul-1985. The R2008D is primarily a cellular telephone test set. The R1010D is the UK version. This manual is a supplement to the R2001D manual.
R20xxD series Service Monitor Models
A short listing of R20XXD model numbers and the standard optional accessories. This information may also apply to models with other suffix letters.
R20xx A/B/C series Service Monitor Alignment Procedures   4 MB PDF
Scanned and cleaned extracts of just the alignment sections from depot service notes and the appropriate service manuals. Note that there are errors, discrepancies, and omissions in these pages. Don't blame me; I just assembled this PDF file from the available information.
R2200 / R2400 Communications Service Monitor Operator's Manual   2 MB PDF
6881069A79-B dated 15-Sept-1985. A much cleaner copy of the above manual can be found here:
R2200 / R2400 series Service Monitor Operator's Manual   3.6 MB PDF
R2200 / R2400 series Service Monitor Maintenance Manual   50.6 MB PDF
6881069A76-O dated 12-Aug-1983. The above manual broken into small sections:
Part 1, 3.8 MB     Part 2, 6.2 MB     Part 3, 6.7 MB     Part 4, 2.6 MB     Part 5, 3.8 MB     Part 6, 5.4 MB
Part 7, 7.5 MB     Part 8, 8.7 MB     Part 9, 5.7 MB     Part 10, 5.9 MB     Part 11, 6.6 MB
R2550 Series Digital Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   10 MB PDF
6880309E54 circa 1993. PDF'd and donated by Steve Goggans K7LZJ.
R2600 Series Digital Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   3.8 MB PDF
6880386B72 Rev 4, circa 1995. This covers the R-2600 series models.
R2600 Series Digital Communications System Analyzer Operator's Manual   5.4 MB PDF
6880309F17 circa 1996. Scanned by Robert Meister WA1MIK. This covers the R-2600 series models; the R-2670 has the FDMA options.
R2670 Digital Communications System Analyzer Description   580 kB PDF

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