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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Web page maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK
I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!

This page lists available documentation for equipment made by the "VHF Engineering" company of Binghamton, New York, USA, commonly known as "VHFE".
There is a "VHF Engineering" located in Cannock, Staffordshire, UK that is totally unrelated to the USA company.

Assembly and Instruction Manuals:
BLC 2-70 and 10-70 VHF Amplifiers   781 kB PDF, manual number #5011215 Rev 00
The 10-70 is a 10w in, 70w out 2m amplifier, the 2-70 has an extra stage and is the 2w in, 70w out version. It can be built as a class C (i.e. FM) amplifier or as a class AB (i.e. SSB) amplifier.
If you exceed the rated input power you WILL blow up the input stage.
BLC 10-150 and 30-150 VHF Amplifiers   81 kB PDF, donated by Steve N1UIR
The 10-150 is a 10w in, 150w out 2m amplifier; the 30-150 is a 30w in, 150w out amplifier. They are similar to the BLC 2-70 and 10-70 amps above. We only received the schematic and parts list.
BLD-220 power amplifier   534 kB PDF, manual number 5011225
220 MHz amplifier
COR-2 module   148 kB PDF, manual number 5011001
This module implements the carrier delay timer (sometimes called the hang-in timer) and the timeout timer.
COR-2 module notes   312 kB PDF, manual number 5011001 Rev.00
The above manual with some hand-drawn notes on the schematic
CW Identifier   403 kB PDF, manual number 5011002
Note that the VHFE IDer produces a square wave output that needs to be filtered before injecting into a transmitter. DO NOT use this IDer on a transmitter that has no audio filtering before the modulator. With a few mods this unit can serve as an RTTY "whoami" string encoder.
HT-144B Instruction Manual   4.0 MB PDF courtesy of Glenn Petersen KE9QZ (includes service info)
PA-144/15, PA-144/25, PA-220/15, PA-450/10   309 kB PDF, manual number 50100807
This board could be built as a 15 or 25 watt 144 MHz amplifier, a 15 watt 220 MHz amplifier, or a 10 watt 432-450 MHz amplifier.
PS-3A Power Supply documentation   110 kB PDF,  , manual number 5010203
PS-15C Power Supply Instruction Manual   1.9 MB PDF,   manual number 5010103
PS-25C Power Supply Kit Instruction Manual   700 kB PDF
A cleaner version can be found here.
The VHF Engineering power supplies were based on the NE550 voltage regulator IC instead of the more common "723" chip. As such the schematic and theory sections are applicable to other supplies based on the same chip. These two chips are functionally and pin equivalent but the reference voltage is vastly different, so you can't just swap them without making some resistor divider changes. NE550N chips are getting rare.
RPT-50, RPT-144, RPT-220, RPT-432   478 kB PDF, manual number 5010901
This is the documentation on the VHFE Repeater
RX-50C, RX-144C, RX-220C, RX-432C   940 kB PDF, manual number 5010305
This is the documentation on the VHFE RX-series 50, 144, 220, and 432 MHz receivers
TX-144B, TX-220B   507 kB PDF, manual number 5010602
This is the documentation on the VHFE TX-series 144 and 220 MHz transmitters
TX432 UHF transmitter kit manual   400 kB PDF, manual number 5010604
Started as individual scanned PDF pages, converted to BMPs, turned back into one PDF file.
432 MHz transmitter schematic   340 kB PDF
Hand-drawn schematic (by an unknown person), sent to Repeater-Builder by Martin HB9TZW

We're looking for any VHFE manuals not listed above.

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