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  Interfacing Signals for a Vertex Standard VX2000
Connecting it to a CAT300DXL Repeater Controller
Information provided by Vertex Standard.
Sent to Repeater-Builder by Dave Wood KB8SCR.
Article HTML'd by Repeater-Builder staff.
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The following note and information was received by Repeater-Builder:

>Here is some info you may want to add to your site.
>We recently set up a VX2000 UHF mobile as a remote
>base. No modifications to the radio were needed.
>Hook-up to a CAT300DXL was a snap. Dave KB8SCR

The VX2000 radios are UHF (or VHF) 25-watt mobile radios capable of four or 40 channels. They are no longer manufactured. They look remarkably similar to some of the Motorola CDM and GTX radios.

Interfacing is accomplished through an accessory jack on the back of the radio. This connector is a DE-9 female receptacle. The following table describes the various pins, their function, and ways of configuring them internally.

J1003 DE-9 Connector Assignment Pin Out
PinSignal Default and Alternate Configurations, Signal Levels, Notes
High level (5VDC / 47 kohms) when carrier received. This does NOT care about any kind of coded squelch, just RF signal.
DFLT - De-emphasized Audio Output: 100mV, 10 kohm. The output level is fixed at the factory by having no jumper at JP1003 and soldering the jumper at JP1002 on the Main unit.

ALT - Flat (not De-Emphasized) Unmuted Audio Output: 250mV, 10 kohm. Unsolder the jumper at JP1002 and solder a jumper at JP1003 on the Main unit.
DFLT - Pre-Emphasized / IDC / Splatter Filtered Audio Input: 2.5mV, 600 ohm. This input is fixed at the factory by attaching capacitor C1254 across JP1005 and soldering a jumper at JP1004 on the Main unit.

ALT - Flat (not Pre-Emphasized) Audio Input: 650mV, 10 kohm. Remove the jumper at JP1004 and solder a jumper across JP1005 on the Main unit.
4Not Used 
5GroundSignal ground.
DFLT - Not Used. No jumper across JP1001 on the Main unit.

ALT - Accessory Output: Open Connector Output. 'A' lamp On: Low, 'A' lamp Off: Open. Maximum voltage: 13.8V. Maximum sink current: 5mA. Solder a jumper at JP1001 on the MAIN Unit.
7PTT InputGround for TX, float for RX.
8+5VDCSwitched and regulated 5VDC at 50mA.
9Not Used 

Here's the official information extracted from a Yaesu operating manual.

The wiring diagram below shows the various connections on the CAT300DXL repeater controller:

You can connect this radio to the controller at either the repeater or transceiver (remote base) port. Make a cable with the appropriate wiring from the table below. You will need a DB-25 male connector to plug into the CAT300DXL and a DE-9 male connector to plug into the VX2000. The numbers refer to the pins on the connectors:

VX2000 to CAT300DXL Wiring
Audio In31123
Audio Out21312

Acknowledgements and Credits:

Thanks go to Dave KB8SCR for initially providing this information.

Supplementary information, including an actual page from the service manual, came from Dave NA6DF.

The VX2000 information is provided courtesy of Vertex Standard USA, Inc.

The CAT300DXL information came from Computer Automation Technology, Inc.

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