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  Introductory Information
for Zetron Equipment

Commentary by Mike Morris WA6ILQ

Note that the contents of this page, like most here at www.repeater-builder.com, are totally dependent on donations of information.
In other words, the repeater-builder web site and this Zetron web page is what the contibutors make it.
If you have a manual PDF that we do not have, a wiring hint, a programming trick, or other useful information, please consider writing it up and sending it in.

Zetron's product line is oriented towards the Land Mobile Radio marketplace - they manufacture nothing specifically aimed at the amateur market. However, a number of amateur repeater and remote base systems have made use of Zetron equipment to resolve specific issues, and the spec and catalog sheets and manuals we've accumulated can be found on the Zetron Index page on repeater-builder.

The only reason that this page is here at all is that Zetron Corporation has a bad habit of not having any manuals in any form - not even PDFs - for any equipment not in current or very recent production. Since the mid-1980s almost every manual has been created on a computer and making a PDF after it is complete involves one little step (and can be done in a few minutes with a free program like "doPDF"). Scanning an older paper manual costs maybe an hour. Disk storage is tremendously inexpensive. In early 2010 I bought a new over-1 terabyte disk drive for under US$100 (that's over 1,000 gigabytes).

Downloadable PDFs cost nothing but server space, and not having them is a good definition of lousy customer service and a way to make past customers really unhappy. And refusing to make Windows-compatible programming software for your products is an other example of lousy customer service (note I didn't say a Windows application, I said a Windows-compatible app, there is a big difference). Unhappy customers tend to explore their options and end up finding other / alternate manufacturers. And acquiring a new customer costs a lot more then keeping an existing one.

Another example of lousy customer service is "edited" manuals. The Zetron Model 38 factory manual is a good example of this. The schematics are in Chapter 6, but the schematic pages are BLANK! Someone that has a community repeater (the term used in commercial two-way radio for a shared repeater) that is controlled by a Zetron 38 that happens to need a trivial repair is going to look in his manual and find blank pages. He has a bunch of annoyed (if not irate) users that can't talk to their units. He's going to remember just how helpful Zetron was when he's ready to buy another community tone panel or other device.

Speaking of being unhelpful, someone called Zetron with a programming issue on one of their products. The first issue was they needed a sales order number for the unit they were calling about. Of course, this was a used unit, so there was no order number available. The next issue required them to have a service contract, which again the current owner didn't have nor did he want to set up. That basically ended the customer service experience. It's just this sort of runaround that will send future customers to other manufacturers.

No Zetron copyright infringement is intended. The only reason this web page is here is that Zetron has totally abandoned their past customers... if they had these files on their public web site we wouldn't need to.

We've had requests for info on the Zetron Model 8 family units and on the Model 45 unit. We have info on the Model 45B, and despite the similar name the 45 and the 45B are very different inside.

Zetron, Simplexor, Worldpatch, Microconnect, Repeaterman, Europatch, Deadbolt and probably a few other terms are either service marks, trademarks, or some other legal mark and no infringement is intended.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: his-callsign // at // repeater-builder // dot // com.

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