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  Six-Meter Heliax Filters
By Jeff Otterson N1KDO
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I used 1-5/8 inch Andrew LDF cable. The discs on the bottom are cut from 0.020 inch thick copper strap left over from a grounding project.


The same strap was used to make a cylinder at the top end of the coax stub. I used a small butane torch to solder these on.


When the stubs were working correctly, I soldered copper discs on the top to vermin-proof them. The discs have a small hole in them that is used to tweak the trimmer caps. All holes are plugged with plastic plugs that I bought at Home Depot. Here are two completed filters before the tops were installed. [Editor's note: I don't know what the device is in the left unit opposite the coil on the right unit. It might be a capacitor. Filters of this type often have an additional coil or capacitor to improve the pass-band loss on one side of the notch.]


I used RG-142 for all the interconnecting cables. I am using these notch filters in addition to a pair of pass cavities to make a complete duplexer. Here's a spectrum analyzer shot showing the response and notch depth.


[Editor's note: unfortunately there were no specifications for the length of the Heliax stub or the values of the trimmer capacitors or the coils. This information came as a short TXT file and a few pictures. You get what we got.]

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