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  Some Useful Tips on Connecting and using the Com-Spec TS-32
By Kevin Custer W3KKC
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Here are a few helpful hints on hooking up a Communication Specialists TS-32:

First, never trust the wire colors on a TS32. Despite the appearances, each wire is pushed onto a snap-pin on the board, and therefore what is the white wire to one person may be the blue wire to someone else.

Next, decide whether the TS-32 is to provide positive (i.e. active high, or a + voltage) or negative logic (i.e. active low or a ground) when decoding a PL tone.

NOTE: The decoder will not operate unless you ground the hang-up pin. This is very important and probably the biggest cause of "it doesn't work" complaints.

I feel the audio filter section of the TS-32 is of poor quality, and I don't recommend using it. Since you will not be using the audio filter, JU-2 can be cut.

Connect the Decoder Audio Input pin as close to discriminator audio as possible. Some receivers have a discriminator output, or an amplified audio which is used to drive factory decoders. If your receiver has one of these, it may be used.

In GE MASTR radios, the high side of the squelch pot is a great place to connect audio to the decoder.

In Motorola MICORs, the audio available from the emitter follower (pin 3 on the Audio & Squelch board is a great place to connect audio to the decoder.

Click here for the TS-32 programming switch table.

This page originally created and is copyright © January 10 1998 and the date of the last change by Kevin K. Custer W3KKC

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