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Kenwood 900 MHz Index Page
Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

900 MHz Mailing Lists and Web Sites

There are two 900 MHz lists and the first one listed below has 90% of the message traffic. Note that these are 900 MHz lists (for any radio, not just Kenwood) and do not take kindly to off-topic discussions. Personally, I'd subscribe to both. If you change your mind you can always unsubscribe later.   From the description text: "This listserv is used to further experimentation and utilization of the 902-928 MHz amateur radio spectrum using voice and data communications. Please limit your posts to information relating to these subjects ONLY. Want and For-Sale ads allowed. Do not post EBAY links. Do NOT list non-900 MHz applicable items."   From the description text: "For those interested in utilizing the 900 MHz amateur radio band. This group is here to discuss modification of commercial radio gear to amateur radio use, repeater construction for 900 MHz, and other related topics relating to the 900 MHz amateur radio band."
Alex Szuski KD6VPH has put together a web site oriented towards 900 MHz Kenwood radios. Check out

900 MHz Kenwood Radio Manuals and Info

Radios that have a model number ending in '0' are 800 MHz
and those ending in '1' are 900 MHz.
In other words, a TK-nn0 or TM-nn0 is for 800 MHz
while a TK-nn1 or TM-nn1 is for 900 MHz.
Additional information on 900 MHz radios and programming software can be found here.
Anybody have a step-by-step programming procedure for the 900 MHz TK-431 or 481 handheld?
TK-431 Service Manual   8.8 MB PDF
Includes options KDM-6, KMC-17, KNB-9A, KPG-8, KSC-7, KSC-76, KSC-8, KSC-86. Donated by Brad KB9BPF.
Catalog page / spec sheet for the TK-480 and TK-481   721 kB PDF
Another catalog page / spec sheet for the TK-480 and TK-481   546 kB PDF
TK-480 / TK-481 Service Manual Revised II   3 MB PDF
Includes options KNB-16A/17A, KPG-36, KSC-19. Revised for units with serial numbers after 30100001, dated March 2001
TK-480/481 transceivers with a serial number of 30100001 or greater have a red triangle above the "W" in the KENWOOD logo label at the top of the front panel. You will also find the model name plate marked as "Ver 2.0" on the rear of the transceiver. You must use the KPG-49D to program Version 2.0 units; you cannot use the KPG-35D software with Version 2.0 radios. The KPG-36 cable is used with either software.
TK-480/481 Leather Case is the KLH75B (non-DTMF) or KLH76B (DTMF).
The nylon case is the KLH86.
The Speaker-microphone is a KMC25.
The heavy duty public safety speaker-mic (has the antenna on top) is the KMC-41.
Thanks to Dave Clausen NN4TT and Bob Brown WØNQX for these part numbers.
KRK-1 / KCT-10AB Installation Manual   330 kB PDF by Brad KB9BPF
Remote kit and control cable for the TK-930 / TK-931.
Anybody have a step-by-step programming procedure for the TK-931 mobile?
Anybody have a PDF of the owner's / User's Manual for the TK-93n mobile?
Catalog page / Spec Sheet for the TK-930HD / TK-931HD   912 kB PDF
Trunking radios. This is a very poor scan, anybody have a better one?
TK-931 / TK-931(HD) Service Manual   20.5 MB PDF
Includes options KSP-1A, KSP-2A, KSP-10A, KCT-10A/10B, KPG-4, KRK-1, and a few addendums at the end. Can use the KRK-1 / KCT-10AB remote kit above. Donated by Brad KB9BPF.
TK-930 or TK-931 Mobile non-DTMF microphone is a KMC-2A or B. The DTMF mobile microphone is a KMC-18 or KMC-18A (it's a 12-button mike). The base mike is a KMC-9C. The part number of the the TK-931 mobile mounting bracket is J29-0418-03.
Anybody have a PDF of the catalog page / spec Sheet for the TK-94n mobile?
TK-940 / TK-941 Service Manual (gray)   6.3 MB PDF
TK-940 / TK-941 Service Manual (color)   5.6 MB PDF
Includes options KCT-19, KDD-4. Donated by Brad KB9BPF
TK-940 / TK-941 Instruction Manual   1.8 MB PDF
Also includes the TK-840 (UHF) model.
Step-by-step conversion and programming to use two TK-941 radios as a repeater   10.7 MB PDF
Includes screen shots at every step in the programming, annotated schematic and PCB images, and photos of the repeater controller wiring. Submitted by Ray Montagne W7CIA
TK-981 step-by-step programming procedure   38 kB PDF by Chip Olheiser W7AIT
Catalog page / Spec sheet for the TK-980 / TK-981   362 kB PDF
TK-980 / TK-981 Instruction Manual   1.1 MB PDF
Also appropriate for the TK-780 (VHF) and TK-880 (UHF) models.
TK-980 / TK-981 Service Manual Supplement   4.1 MB PDF
The cover page says: "This Service Manual applies to products with 30600001 or subsequent serial numbers. In terms of the products with the serial numbers earlier than 30600001, refer to the TK-980/TK-981 Service Manual as per part No. B51-8478-10."
Anybody have a PDF of the Kenwood TK-980 / TK-981 mobile Service Manual PN B51-8478-10?
TK-980 / TK-981 Service Manual Supplement II   908 kB PDF
The cover page says: "This Service Manual applies to products with 50100001 (TK-980), 60600001 (TK-981) or subsequent serial numbers."
KMC-27 and KMC-28 series schematics   78 kB PDF
The TK-981 base mike is a KMC-9C. The mobile mike is a KMC-27A or B, the DTMF mobile mike is a KMC-28A (it's a 12-button mike). The "A" is significant as the KMC-28 has a different connector to the radio; the mike must be a KMC-28A.
The original TK-981 mobile mounting bracket is part number J29-0627-13, superceded by J29-0728-03, which will cost you about $7 (US). If the coax connector is damaged, you will probably have to replace the entire coax pigtail, which is part number E30-3031-25, which will cost you about $30. Either can be purchased from East Coast Transistor or Pacific Coast Parts.

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