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  Some Repair Notes on the UHF MICOR Base Station / Repeater Station Tripler
Including Transistor Replacement and Schematics
By Bill Hance KD7CWA
Schematic and additional notes by M. Scott Zimmerman N3XCC
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Finding replacements for the tripler transistors in a Motorola MICOR UHF Station or Repeater is getting difficult.

Replace the M9690 with a MRF 838A, or the more commonly available MRF 557.
Replace the M9736 Transistor with a MRF 555.
Replace the M9737's with 2N5944's.
Both replacements operate at original specifications, and are available from RF Parts Co.

Additional Notes:
The Low Level Amplifier (LLA) of the UHF micor Mobile is VERY similar to the LLA that is found inside of the station tripler assembly.  Mobile LLA's can be used for parts, or changed out wholesale.

The part number for the 450-470 split tripler ceramic circuit board is 0180712D72. This board is NLA from Motorola, but can be obtained for $50.00 from Repeater-Builder.

Published by suggestion of originating author Bill Hance KD7CWA
Some Additional Information Provided by M. Scott Zimmerman N3XCC
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