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  Determining Date of Manufacture from the Serial Number
This page was developed by Mike Morris WA6ILQ from an email sent to Repeater-Builder.
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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2006
Subject: How to Translate Motorola Serial numbers to Determine the Date of Manufacture

> Most Motorola products follow the same serial number conventions. As 
> such, this often enables you to determine the approximate manufacture 
> date for a device. 
> The serial number convention follows the following general format: 
> 123ABC4567 or 123ABC45678
> Where 123 is an unique three digit code for each model series, where 
> the significance of A is unknown, BC determines manufacture year and 
> month respectively, and where 4567 or 45678 is a unique four or five 
> digit serial number for the device in question.
> To determine the manufacture year and month, refer to the table below: 
> Second Letter is the year: 
> A 1976 or 2000
> B 1977 or 2001
> C 1978 or 2002
> D 1979 or 2003
> E 1980 or 2004
> F 1981 or 2005
> G 1982 or 2006
> H 1983 or 2007
> J 1984 or 2008
> K 1985 or 2009
> L 1986 or 2010
> M 1987 or 2011
> N 1988 or 2012 
> P 1989 or 2013 
> Q 1990 or 2014 
> R 1991 or 2015 
> S 1992 or 2016 
> T 1993 or 2017 
> U 1994 or 2018 
> V 1995 or 2019 
> W 1996 or 2020 
> X 1997 or 2021 
> Y 1998 or 2022 
> Z 1999 or 2023
> The third letter identifies the portion of the month in which the unit was made:
> A First half of January 
> B Last half of January 
> C First half of February 
> D Last half of February 
> E First half of March 
> F Last half of March 
> G First half of April 
> H Last half of April 
> J First half of May 
> K Last half of May 
> L First half of June 
> M Last half of June 
> N First half of July 
> P Last half of July 
> Q First half of August 
> R Last half of August 
> S First half of September 
> T Last half of September 
> U First half of October 
> V Last half of October 
> W First half of November 
> X Last half of November 
> Y First half of December 
> Z Last half of December 

The following information was obtained directly from Motorola and sent to Repeater-Builder for inclusion in this document.

Serial Number Format
Direct from Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions equipment serial numbers follow two standard formats.

First format: three digits, three letters, and four digits: The fifth character of the serial number represents the YEAR code and the sixth character represents the MONTH code. Example:

2 0 3 F L W 6 4 2 1

Decodes to 2010 (L), first half of November (W).

Second format: two digits, four letters, one digit, and four letters: The ninth character of the serial number represents the YEAR code, the tenth character represents the MONTH code and the eleventh character represents the WARRANTY period code. Example:

5 2 C B A C 8 D L W J

Decodes to 2010 (L), first half of November (W), 1 Year Standard Warranty (J).

The values in each position correspond to the following pre-determined year, month or warranty period codes. Note that there are two entries for every month: the first represents the first half of the month; the second represents the second half of the month.

A2000JAN1 year
B2001JAN3 years
C2002FEB5 years
D2003FEB2 years
E2004MARNo warranty
F2005MAR90 days
H2007APR 3 years, Canada only
J2008MAY 1 year, standard
L2010JUN1 year, OEM
M2011JUN1 year, OEM
N2012JUL5 years
P2013JUL5 years
Q2014AUG3 years
R2015AUG 90 days, refurbished
S2016SEP3 years
T2017SEP OEM telephone, serviced by dealers only
U2018OCT90 days
W2020NOV2 years
X2021NOV5 years
Y2022DEC3 years
Z2023DEC3 years

NOTE: To be utilized for Subscriber equipment, Infrastructure equipment, and iDEN.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: his-callsign // at // repeater-builder // dot // com.

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