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  Motorola Radius Mobile Radios
M100, M206, M208,
M214, M216 Series

Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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All of this information came from the Motorola Radius Service Manual 6880101W58A circa 1988/1989 with lots of revision sheets. All of the boards listed below are used in the MaxTrac mobile radios; see the MaxTrac Detailed Service Manual for schematics. All electronic parts are interchangeable except the firmware, which governs the radio's model number and features. (You can replace the EPROM with MaxTrac firmware but then you'd need to use MaxTrac software to program it, and the model number would change.) The front panel labels and volume control knob are slightly different. The RADMBL (HVN9173 or HVN9174) DOS-only RSS package is used to program the Radius radios. These radios are all conventional; trunking was only available on the MaxTrac models.

M100 series have 2 modes. M206 series have 6 modes. M214 series have 14 modes and seem to be the only ones that offer Scanning. They require an expanded logic board (one with firmware on an EPROM). Motorola introduced the M208 and M216 series, which have 8 and 16 modes respectively. The model numbers have Revision letter B for the 8 and 16 mode radios. Channel Steering is also available on radios with the 16-pin accessory jack. The only Radius firmware IC is HLN9277A.

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing, know-all, do-all article about Motorola Radius radios. As such, there may be additional, newer information available from other sources. It's just a summary of information extracted from the above-mentioned service manual. For all intents and purposes, the Radius models mentioned here are identical to the MaxTrac 50, 100, and 300 models documented elsewhere. A lot of assemblies can be mixed, matched, and swapped between the two radio series. The radios and RSS are no longer sold but some of the more common parts are still available from Motorola.

[1]: 29 MHz is shown instead of 29.7 MHz as the low limit for some frequency ranges or bands.
[2]: Power values are in Watts.
[3]: Band, Band Segment, and Freq Range values are in MHz.

12-Character Model Number Decoder (characters 1-7):

MountPowerBand Model Series
D: dash0: 21: 29-50LRA7: Radius
 3: 15-253: 136-174 
 4: 30-404: 403-470 
 5: 605: 806-871 

12-Character Model Number Decoder continued (characters 8-12):

ModesBand Segment RevisionPackage
3: 229: 403-430A: 2,6,14 modesK: standard
7: 6 or 832: 29-36B: 2,8,16 modes 
P: 14 or 1633: 36-42  
 34: 42-50  
 A5: All Others  
 A6: 800 T/A  

Radio Model Numbers:

Model NumberSeriesPowerFreq RangeModesOptions
D04LRA77A5AKM2062 449-4706(P,D)
D04LRA7PA5AKM2142 449-47014(P,D)
D33LRA73A5BKM10025 136-1622P,D
D33LRA77A5BKM20825 146-1748P,D
D33LRA7PA5BKM21625 146-17416P,D,S
D34LRA73A5AKM10025 449-4702(P,D)
D34LRA77A5AKM20625 449-4706(P,D)
D34LRA7PA5AKM21425 449-47014(P,D)
D35LRA73A5AKM10015 800 non-TA2(P,D)
D35LRA73A6AKM10015 800 T/A2P,D
D35LRA77A5AKM20615 800 non-TA6(P,D)
D35LRA77A6AKM20615 800 T/A6P,D
D35LRA7PA5AKM21415 800 non-TA14(P,D)
D35LRA7PA6AKM21415 800 T/A14P,D,S
D43LRA73A5BKM10040 146-1742P,D
D43LRA77A5BKM20840 146-1748P,D
D43LRA7PA5BKM21640 146-17416P,D,S
D44LRA7329AKM10035 403-4302P,D
D44LRA73A5BKM10035 449-4702P,D
D44LRA7729AKM20635 403-4306P,D
D44LRA77A5BKM20835 449-4708P,D
D44LRA7P29AKM21435 403-43014P,D,S
D44LRA7PA5BKM21635 449-47016P,D,S
D45LRA7PA6AKM21435 800 T/A14P,D,S
D51LRA9732AKM20660 29-366P,D
D51LRA9733AKM20660 36-426P,D
D51LRA9734AKM20660 42-506P,D
D51LRA9P32AKM21460 29-3614P,D
D51LRA9P33AKM21460 36-4214P,D
D51LRA9P34AKM21460 42-5014P,D

Options Column Letters: P = PL, D = DPL, S = Scan. Values in parentheses are assumed because every Radius can do PL, DPL, and CSQ.

Board Numbers: the 3rd letter specifies the frequency band: N: Not Frequency Specific (i.e. logic boards), B: 29-50 MHz, D: 136-174 MHz, E: 403-470 MHz, F: 806-870 MHz. Newer versions of some boards will have a B suffix instead of an A suffix.

RF Boards (the same as the MaxTrac):

Board #Freq Range
HLF4095A800 NON-TA
HLF9122A800 T/A

Logic Boards (the same as the MaxTrac):

Board #TypeAcc Jack

Power Amplifiers (probably the same as the MaxTrac):

Board #Freq RangePower
HLF4097A800 T/A15
HLF4098A800 T/A35

Radius, MaxTrac, and a whole bunch of other terms are trademarks of Motorola, Inc.

Send corrections and additions to the author at: his-callsign [ at ] comcast [ dot ] net.

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