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  MRTI-to-MSF5000 Cable
By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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I have a real Motorola L1159A MRTI complete with all cables. I removed it from a working MSF CXB station so I know it's intact. This page documents the MSF5000 MRTI-to-radio cable that plugs into the 14-pin MRTI connector on the SSCB.

Motorola supplies the MSF5000 cable as their model C719-AB-SP phone patch interface option kit. The MRTI manufacturer's (Instrument Associates, Inc.) manual has nothing else about this cable.

There are multiple red wires on the MRTI end of the cable, but I don't know where these are spliced together, as each end of the cable has had shrink tubing applied.

MSF5000 SSCB 14-pin MRTI Connector J802:

PinColorSignal Name
1RedLogic Ground
2BrownPL Strip
3- - - - -Logic Ground
6- - - - -Logic Ground
7PinkAudio Ground
8TanAudio Input
9GrayLogic Ground
10VioletAudio Output
11BlueRX Carrier
13- - - - -Audio Ground
14YellowAux. Indicator

L1159A MRTI RIMX-D Board Connector P12:

PinColorSignal Name
1BrownTX PL Strip
2RedTX PL Strip Gnd
4RedMonitor Gnd
5RedPTT Gnd
6BlueRX Carrier
7VioletRX Audio
8GrayRX Audio Gnd
10- - - - -PL Detect
11TanTX Audio
12PinkTX Audio Gnd

L1159A MRTI RIMX-D Board Connector P11:

PinColorSignal Name
1- - - - -Aux. RX Audio
2- - - - -Aux. RX Audio
4YellowAux. Carrier

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: his-callsign [ at ] comcast [ dot ] net.

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This article first posted 30-May-2010

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