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This table showed up in the body of an anonymous email... Never having used 99% of this RSS, repeater-builder can't vouch for the accuracy.

Radio                   RSS Model      Version     Pentium Compatible
---------------------   ---------      -------     ------------------
32 x 8 Codeplug         RVN-4057C      Aug-91      No
Advance Securenet CIU   RVN-4085C      Jan-94      Yes
ASTRO Saber/Spectra     RVN-4100N      Apr-99 4Q99 Yes
ASTRO TAC 3000          RVN-4154H      2-Jul       Yes
BSC11                   RVN-4083A      Jul-90      No
C-200                   RVN-4171B      Dec-00      Yes
Centracom II Plus       RVN-4029K      Nov-96      Yes
CommandSTAR CSDM        TDN-9942A      Jan-96      Yes
CommandSTAR CSDM        TDN-9943A      Jan-96      Yes
CommandSTAR Lite CSDM   DDN-6136A      Jul-00      Yes
Comtegra                RVN-4149D      Jan-99      Yes
Comtegra Plus           RVN-4112E      Jan-99      Yes
Desk Trac Conventional  RVN-4079G      May-95      Yes, as of R03.04.00
DeskTrac Trunked        RVN-4093F      May-95      Yes, as of R03.04.00
DGT9000 Deskset         RVN-4091C      Jun-96      Yes, as of R01.00.11
GM300/GR300/500/400     HVN-8177F      Dec-94      Yes
GP300/GP350             HVN-9128D      Feb-97      Yes
GTX                     RVN-4150E      Mar-99      Yes
HT10                    RVN-4047A      Nov-88      Yes (?)
HT1000 &                RVN-4098H      May-98      Yes
  VISAR Conventional
HT50                    RVN-4021C      Oct-89      No (Use HVN9262)
HT600                   RVN-4005G      Mar-94      Yes
LCS/LTS2000             RVN-4156K      May-99      Yes
M100/M200               HVN-9173J                  Yes
M400                    HVN-9774E                  Yes
Maratrac                RVN-4023G      Jul-98      Yes
Maxtrac Conventional    RVN-4019K      Jan-98      Yes
Maxtrac Trunked, Duplex RVN-4043P      Mar-97      Yes
MaxTrac•LS              RVN-4139C      Jan-98      Yes
MCS2000                 RVN-4113G      Feb-99      Yes
MCX 1000                RVN-4011B      Oct-90      No
MCX 1000 Marine         RVN-4063A      Jun-89      No
Mostar Conventional     RVN-4037A                  No (NLA)
Mostar/Traxar Trunked   RVN-4059C      Aug-91      No
MRTI2000                RVN4140C       Feb-99      Yes
MSF5000 Digital         RVN-4077G      Feb-95      Yes
MSF5000/PURC/Analog     RVN-4025A      Feb-88      Yes (?)
MT1000                  RVN-4017J      Aug-94      Yes
MTSX                    RVN-4097N      Feb-99      Yes
MTX800 & 800S           RVN-4013K      Jan-98      Yes
MTX810                  RVN-4065H      Jan-98      Yes
MTX820/820S/888/888S    RVN-4081F      Jan-98      Yes
MTX900                  RVN-4033J      Jan-98      Yes
MTX900S                 RVN-4055H      Jan-98      Yes
MTX-LS                  RVN-4138B      Jun-96      Yes
MX 800                  RVN-4073B      Oct-90      No
P100/HT50               HVN-9175D                  Yes
P110                    HVN-9852J      Apr-96      Yes
P200 Use RVN4005 (U/V)  HVN-9262D                  Yes
         RVN4017 (LB)      
P50+                    HVN-9395D                  Yes
P500                    HVN-9941B      Jan-98      Yes
PP1000/500              RVN-4061C      Aug-91      No
Quantar/Quantro         RVN-5002AF                 Yes
Saber                   RVN-4002K      Nov-93      Yes
Saber SI                RVN-4111A                  Yes
SM50/SM120              HVN-9007C      Apr-96      Yes
Smart Status            RVN-4039B      Aug-91      No
SP50                    HVN-9012C      Apr-96      Yes
Spectra & Spectra-E     RVN-4001N      Jul-93      Yes
Spectra Railroad        RVN-4099B      Jul-95      Yes
Station Access Module   RVN-4110A      Mar-93      Yes
STX                     RVN-4049E      Jan-93      No
STX Transit             RVN-4089A      Jan-91      No
Syntor-X 9000           RVN-4007E      Aug-94      Yes
Syntor-X 9000 Dual      RVN-4102A      May-92      No
Syntor-X Trunked        RVN-4069A      Nov-90      No
System 9000E            RVN-4009F      May-92      No
Systems Saber           RVN-4051F      Dec-93      Yes
T5600/T5620 Console     RVN-4075D      Dec-92      No
VISAR Privacy Plus      RVN-4123G      Jan-97      Yes

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