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Expanding a Saber from 12 Channels to 15 Channels
By Ric Letson NB2E
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Motorola Saber RSS writes a dictionary file RPFDATA.DCT that contains the model and option numbers, and an eight character filename for the actual programming file. The entire format has not been documented yet but here is the information necessary to add channels 12-15 to your Motorola Saber handheld.

1. Program the channel data, a placeholder frequency, channel name, scan, etc. into Channel 12.

2. Store this as a personality file, view the RPFDATA.DCT file to determine which file contains the programming for the personality you just saved. The file name will be all letters with no extension, example: AABIODDE.

3. Open this file in an editor (dos edit works just fine) and look for the lines that begin with S2. A typical line would be

If you separate it out into the components that have been identified so far...

S2     01     01   081B3200     081B3200

(a)     (b)     (c)     (d)     (e)

(a) means it's a channel entry.

(b) means channel {01..0C} up to 12 channels.

(c) means zone {01..0A} up to 10 zones.

(d) is receive frequency, in Hz, converted to ASCII representation of hex (081B3200 = 136000000 Hz).

(e) is transmit frequency.

4. Copy the line for Channel 12 (Begins with S20C01...) and paste it three times. Each time you paste it, it should be on a new line. Do not leave any blank lines where there weren't any before. Be very careful of this file and make only changes that you fully comprehend.

5. Change the S20C01 to S20D01 for Channel 13, S20E01 for Channel 14 and S20F01 for Channel 15.

6. Open the file back up in RSS and edit the frequencies and data for Channels 13,14 & 15.

Do Not Delete the Channels or you will have to re-edit the file with your text editor.

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