Custom Repair of
Motorola or General Electric Repeater Conversions
MICOR, Mitrek, MASTR II, Exec II or Custom MVP
Stations or Mobile Conversions
by Repeater Builder
Scott Zimmerman N3XCC

A division of Zimmerman Electronics

We custom repair 10, 6, and 2 meter, High-Band, 222, and UHF repeaters
made from various Motorola or GE Station or Mobile radios.


Repair Q & A....

Q >I know you custom-build and troubleshoot repeater systems, perhaps you could align my MICOR / GE radio to its new operating frequencies if I send the radio to you?
A> Yes, we do indeed align, test and repair machines / radios that were not built / sold by us. We charge $50 per hour bench labor plus $30 for return shipping. Our minimum bench charge is $50. Any parts / crystals required would be extra. We use Bomar crystal for all of our crystal needs, unless instructed otherwise by the customer.

Q> Do you repair radios / systems you did not build?
A> If you are sending us a radio set that has been converted by someone other than Repeater-Builder, be advised there will be additional charges incurred due to us having to figure out someone else's work. Additionally if we feel a conversion was poorly done, there will be additional charges to bring it up to our standards. We don't feel comfortable sending out a questionable conversion that will, in our opinion, fail.

Q> How do I get the repair process started?
A> The way to start the process is to contact us (By e-mail or telephone) and let us know what you would like to have done to your machine. Sometimes we can offer a firm cost based on the initial information you provide. If we can't offer a firm figure, we will ask you to send the unit to us for evaluation. Once we have evaluated the unit we will  issue a good faith estimate of costs. At this point you have to decide whether to proceed with all work necessary, or have the unit returned to you. If you elect to have us do the work needed to make your machine the best it can be, forward payment in the form of a money order to us. We require all payments to be made before any work is started.
In God we trust all others pay cash in advance!

Q> What if I decide not to have you repair my radio / repeater
A> If you decide not to have us do the work, there will be a $45 evaluation fee plus $30 for return shipping / insurance for a total of $75. This payment must be received in the form of a money order before we will ship the unit back to you.

Q> Do you issue Return Materials Authorizations?
A> We do not issue RMA numbers. Please include with any items (Radios, accessories, payments, etc.) a note that indicates the work to be done. A note from you and our internal job travelers are what we use to keep track of things here in the shop.

Q> What if I want you to only due what I tell you to do?
A> We WILL NOT be held liable if you choose to limit the scope of our repairs   I.E. If you want us to fix your receiver ONLY, but there is a slight problem in the transmitter also that you don't want fixed, don't complain to us about the transmitter not working right!

Q> Why should you do my repairs instead of someone else?
A> We have been using, repairing and specializing in vintage Motorola, and GE radios for over 10 years. We have thousands of pounds of radios that can be used for parts, and are acquiring more every day through numerous sources. We use OEM components whenever possible.

We believe, and our reputation commands, that we build the best Mobile radio to repeater conversions that money can buy. They are done correctly and carefully by hand one at a time. Our repairs are no different. We have the experience, expertise and repair parts to keep these vintage radios going well into this century.

Our bottom line is this: Our repairs and conversions WORK and they work WELL.

M. Scott Zimmerman
Repeater Builder - Zimmerman Electronics
Amateur Radio Call N3XCC
612 Barnett Road
Boswell, PA 15531
(814) 444-9460  reasonable hours, eastern time.

or email Scott at:
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