WB2EDV Printed Circuit Board
For the StarTech or SYBA CM108/119 based USB Sound Adapters

For AllStar - Asterisk - app_rpt
By Kevin Custer - W3KKC

Chuck Kelsey's printed circuit board makes it easy to build inexpensive but professional looking and working USB radio interface adapters for AllStar (app_rpt) systems.

The board includes support for PTT (Push To Talk) and HB (Heart Beat) LEDs for operational status.

This article shows which generic USB sound FOBs will work with Chuck's board, and provide additional information on how this is accomplished by downloading the referenced PDF documents below.

Below - WB2EDV FOB Circuit Board - computer generated drawing
Shown actual size - click for larger image.

Below - Photo of both sides of the WB2EDV FOB Circuit Board

Below - Photo of unmodified StarTech USB sound FOB.

Below - Photo of SYBA SD-CM-UAUD71 and SD-CM-UAUD (smaller) FOBs in their plastic cases.

Below Photo of SYBA SD-CM-UAUD (smaller) and SD-CM-UAUD71 FOB boards with their outer cases, audio jacks, and USB plugs removed.

Online and downloadable conversion articles:

Click here to download a printable PDF conversion guide for the StarTech USB FOB using Chuck's board.

Click here to see the conversion of a SYBA UAUD (small) USB FOB using Chuck's board.

Click here to see the conversion of a SYBA UAUD71 USB FOB using Chuck's board.

Photos of the actual conversions - click to enlarge.



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Email Chuck Kelsey - WB2EDV to inquire about FOB circuit boards.

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