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What it is:
"" is a large - free technical mailing list/Yahoo group available to people seeking information on building and maintaining amateur or commercial repeater or remote base systems.   Upon going to website of this group, you will be required to register as a Yahoo Groups user.  You will also be given some choices in message delivery....

How it works:
If you subscribe in the email message mode and you or someone else posts a message to the list, it is immediately sent to the others on the list within a few minutes.   If others are on their computer, an immediate response is likely.   If you are subscribed in Daily Digest Mode, you won't see the post until several others have been made and a bulk mailing occurs once a day.   If you are subscribed in Web Only mode, the server is updated immediately and hitting reload or refresh will allow you to stay on top of things.

Email mode is the most popular because one on one or roundtable discussions happen frequently, usually in the evenings.   Also, in email message mode, the advertisements have been removed as the owner of the list has opted to pay the fee to have them removed.

Daily Digest mode type subscription will send you one large email message containing 24 hours worth of traffic once a day.

Again, there is also the choice to subscribe to the group and receive no email messages.  In this mode you simply go the the Yahoogroups website, log in, and select the repeater-builder list and read the messages on the website.   This mode is called Web Only....

Who the group is for:
Discussion of amateur or commercial repeaters, systems, duplexers, antennas, feedlines, controllers, remote base, linking, concepts, theory, terminology, practices, experiences, and humor is encouraged.   Anyone who owns or uses a repeater is welcome to join.

Do's and Don'ts:


Not allowed: The above is not to say you cannot compare features, or give your opinion of a certain brand, just don't compare it religiously against another (i.e. MICOR vs. MASTR II).   We are all here to learn and to help each other.   The intent here is to solve problems, and a flamewar accomplishes nothing.

When replying to questions posted on the list, be thorough and don't hurriedly reply just to be the first.   Try to quote the pertinent parts of the message so people don't get lost, especially people that join the list in the midddle of the discussion.   If you are reading the messages in daily digest format PLEASE read the rest of the daily digest (in case someone else has already answered the question with the same information you would be providing), then if not, quote just the one message you are replying to.

Again,  Discussion of FCC rules and the ARRL are not acceptable on this list.   There are other lists that allow this type of discussion.

If you have questions about this list, please email them directly to Kevin Custer, the list owner: kuggie ++at++ kuggie ++dot++ com with a subject line topic of the Repeater Builder email list.

This list is owned by Kevin Custer W3KKC
Additional moderation is provided by several others, including Dan Ruhe KE3UC, Jon Pearl W4ABC, and Scott Zimmerman N3XCC

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