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Regency, RELM, and Wilson
Technical Information
and Manuals

Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Web page maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK
I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!

Repeater-builder is looking for additional info on the Regency and RELM repeaters, bases, mobiles, etc.
Photos, like those of the K500 scanner below, would be appreciated.

Regency Electronics was an old-line electronics manufacturer from the 1950s and 1960s... I still have an early Regency TR-1 pocket transistor radio, and a MR-series tube-type tunable VHF monitor tabletop receiver from about 1961 or 1962, both of which my dad brought home one evening... he was a commercial photographer then and was doing some work for an article on Christmas holiday electronics gifts for Popular Mechanics magazine. The Regency representative gave him two of the items after the photo shoot was finished. A number of years later I found a matching tunable low band receiver at a neignborhood garage sale. All three still work perfectly today. By the 1970s Regency had low-end land mobile equipment in their product lines, both VHF and UHF, plus some amateur VHF and UHF radios. The Civil Air Patrol had been using them, under the Regency brand name, for many years at that point.

Regency's last consumer product lines included programmable scanner receivers, including the "M" series, which were the first synthesized scanners that covered the amateur 10 and 2 meters and 440 MHz band without mods, and advertised as such. A programming trick appeared soon after in the Radio Communications Monitoring Association (RCMA) Bulletin on how to get out-of-range frequencies into it, like 52 MHz amateur radio channels.

In the late 70s Regency bought Wilson mainly for the Wilson-designed mini-handheld that was 1/4 the size of the existing Regency equivalent product, but left the Wilson HF and CB antenna line intact.

Later on Regency Electronics abandoned the consumer electronics market, and today the name is unknown, except as the first two words in Regency Electronics Land Mobile, better known as RELM.

Nowadays RELM is fully in the land mobile business, and has bought Uniden and the Bendix-King land mobile product line (BK kept the Avionics products). RELM did not abandon the BK or Uniden names, both still exist as if they were separate companies.

But the Regency Electronics name is, unfortunately, forgotten except by a few.
Don Pies, one of the founders of Regency, has his own page.

You can find documentation for RELM's currently supported models here.

Land Mobile Radios:

The 5pin twist-on/lock-on microphone connector that Regency and Wilson used for their radios can be acquired from then search for 99K0393.

. Regency HR-212 Two-Meter Amateur Transceiver Service Manual   1.7 MB PDF file, provided by Joe Szczech Jr. K1IKE and scanned by Jim Lange WA2RJP
. Regency HR-2B Two-Meter Amateur Transceiver Service Manual   1.7 MB PDF file, provided by Joe Szczech Jr. K1IKE and scanned by Jim Lange WA2RJP
. Regency MCCU15RA/RB repeater manual   3.8 MB PDF file, donated by Steve Bosshard NU5D
The "RA/RB" indicates both "Range A" and "Range B". In the Regency documentation Range A is 450-476 MHz and Range B is 470-512 MHz.
The maual is a partial, not all the pages, but it has everything you will need.
. RELM MPV32 and MPU32 Instruction Manual   1.01 MB PDF file
The last page indicates the MPU32B is Part 22, 74, 90 and 95 accepted.
Programming the RELM MPV32 and MPU32 radios   A step-by-step procedure donated by Arthur Bross KC7GF
This was donated a couple of years before the instruction manual PDF showed up.
. Programming the RELM MPV32D radios
. Programming the RELM RH250, RH600 and RU150 radios   donated by Arthur Bross KC7GF
. This is the complete, front cover to last page, manual for the Regency RH250 and RH256, and Wilson RH2516 as one 11 MB PDF file donated by Jerry Coffman WB5RUA. He created it from the 11.5 MB zip file containing 89 separate JPG files, one per page, donated by Brett Kitchens KF4SQB. A smaller clearer version can be found below.
. Regency RH250, RH256, and Wilson WH2516 Service Manual   4.7 MB PDF file
These are the sloping front land mobile radios that look like the Regency M-series scanners.
. Programming the RELM RH606 radios   donated by Arthur Bross KC7GF
. RELM / Wilson WHS150 and WHS450 Instruction Manual   1.96 MB PDF file
THis is oen of the Wilson products that Regency acquired before the name change to RELM.
Page 22 (second to last) indicates Part 90 and 95 acceptance.
Programming the WHS150 16-channel handheld radio     donated by Arthur Bross KC7GF
This was donated a couple of years before the instruction manual PDF showed up.
Another programming info sheet for the WHS150.
. Wilson VHF Mini-Com Operating and Service Manual   3.8 MB PDF file
This is for the hand-held, 1 or 6 watt, 6-channel, crystal-controlled transceivers, models HH-156-D1 and HH-156-D6.
. Regency ARU9PL / TRU-152A radio Service Manual   2.7 MB PDF file
This is the 15w two channel crystal controlled mobile radio that was built into an M-series scanner case. It was manufactured either for 450-482 or 482-512 MHz, and range changing is difficult to the point of being not worth it. The radio was shipped with crystals for either 465.500 transmit / 460.5 receive or 494.500 transmit / 491.500 receive pre-installed and pre-aligned, and the oscillator design was so poor that the designer had to use clip-on heaters on the crystals to maintain frequency stability. A CTCSS tone board was optional. The design was fairly fluid, there were at least 7 versions of the main board.
. Programming info for the Regency XL 2000 UHF radio
Repeater-Builder received this note in March 2014:
Regarding the programming info for a Regency XL2000 UHF radio: it starts out with putting a jumper in place then watching the display. This is impossible because the XL2000 does not have a display! It is a diode matrix programmed, sloped front, UHF radio with only two channel capability, and the second channel is ususally the simplex of the repeater pair programmed as channel one. The RF output is 15 watts and it does have an onboard CTCSS encoder, but I'm not sure about a decoder!

I've been looking for the diode matrix chart for a couple of years to help a neighbor, but have not found one yet. When I ran across the listing on the web page I thought I was in luck, but it looks like it should be for a 256 type radio with 10 channels and the display and keypad. An XL2000 doesn't have any of these.

Jeff N5SXQ

Monitor Radios and Scanners:

. Regency MR-10 Monitoradio front photo       Regency MR-10 Monitoradio rear photo
Photos of a unit similar to the one my dad brought home.
. Regency ACT-R20/6 Monitoradio Receiver Instruction manual   503 kB PDF file
. Regency TMR-8HL scanner owner's manual   307 kB PDF file
. Regency M-400 scanner owner's manual   4.2 MB PDF file
This manual covers the 40-channel model, the M100 is the 10-channel version. And note that the radio only actually lets you enter 30 channels into the scan memory, and while the VHF search increment is 5 kHz the UHF one is 12.5 kHz (i.e. it can't do either 6.25 or 20 kHz spaced channels).
One trick with the Regency M100, M400 and K500 scanners: As shipped the advertised frequency ranges were roughly 29.5-50, 144-174, and 440-512 MHz. You get an error message when you try to program a frequency outside those ranges (for example 52.525 MHz). You can defeat the scanner's preprogrammed frequency limits by entering an additional decimal point first, for example, to enter 52.525 MHz you would press the keypad in the sequence of (dot)52(dot)525(enter). If the VCO will lock the scanner will accept it (if it doesn't it displays "Poor F."). The only side effect of this trick is that if you have an out-of-band frequency in the scan loop it steps to that channel, then hangs until the VCO sweeps across to and locks onto the frequency. The slower-than normal slew rate causes the scan rate to pause for a amount of time as the VCO gets there. I suspect that this out-of-band feature was included for production line test purposes. One acquaintance of mine that picked up a M100 at a garage sale (for one dollar) loaded 52.525 and 8 six meter repeater frequencies in it and is quite happy with it.
. Regency "Touch" K-500 scanner owner's manual   662 kB PDF file
This manual covers the base station version of the M400, the K100 is the bare-bones 10-channel version.
The "dot trick" from the M400 (mentioned above) works on the K500 model as well.
Here are two photos by Bob Codeglia KD6ANY:   front photo       rear photo
. Relm MS200 Mobile AM/FM Scanner instruction manual   794 kB PDF file donated by Vince Poston
. Regency MCA-611 On-Call Tone-Alert Receiver service manual   3.1 MB PDF file scanned and donated by Timothy Bell N3EKG

Base, Repeater, and Other Equipment:

. Regency BPS20LH, PS144, and PSC1422 Power Supplies Manual   3.1 MB PDF file
This manual covers the power supply for the lower powered repeaters, including the MCCU01RA and RB. This supply uses an LM305 regulator. Scan courtesy of Tim Peters K6TVP.
. Regency DPLXU45 and DPLXU250 Duplexers Manual   1.9 MB PDF file
This manual covers Regency branded 4-can UHF duplexers rated at 45 watts and at 250 watts. Scan courtesy of Tim Peters K6TVP.
. Regency Micro-Com U01R/RA/RB Station Manual   12.3 MB PDF file
The base model is the U01R, the "RA/RB" indicates both "Range A" and "Range B". In the Regency documentation Range A is 450-476 MHz and Range B is 470-512 MHz. The repeater manual also covers the MA-116 CTCSS encoder-decoder, and the MA-121 encoder. Scan courtesy of Tim Peters K6TVP.

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