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  Interfacing a Kenwood TKR-820 Repeater
and an S-Com 5K Repeater Controller

Submitted by John "Jake" Eckardt N3FU
Turned into an article by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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I'm presenting this information to make it easier for anyone else who wants to connect these two units. This same connection information will also work for the TKR-720 VHF repeater.

The 15-pin Molex accessory connector's pins are arranged according to the diagram below. The connector you need to acquire fits around the one in the TKR-820 and uses 0.062 inch male pins. Molex calls this a "plug". See this article for more information.


Here's the TKR-820's accessory connector pin assignment.

PinSignal Description
1External Hook Terminal
2Line Input Ground
3Direct Modulation Input
4Direct Detection Output
5Transmitter Line Input
6Speaker Output Ground
7+13.6V External Power Output
8External PTT Input
9Internal Speaker Input
10Receiver Line Output
11DC Ground
12Speaker Output
13Receiver Unsquelched Output

The S-Com 5K has a DB-25 female connector on it. You will need a male DB-25 connector to plug into it. Here's the pin numbering from the solder side of the connector.


Here's the S-Com 5K's DB-25 female connector pin assignment.

PinSignal Description
1Logic Input #1
2Logic Input #2
3Logic Input #3
4Repeater RX CTCSS Input
5Control RX COR Input
6Repeater RX COR Input
7Logic Output #1
8Logic Output #2
9Logic Output #3
10Repeater TX PTT Output
11Repeater TX Audio Output
12Control RX Audio Input
13Repeater RX Audio Input
14-25All Ground

Here's how to wire the cable that goes between the two units.

PinS-Com 5K Signal Name TKR-820 Signal NamePin
4Repeater RX CTCSS Input Receiver Unsquelched Output13
6Repeater RX COR Input Receiver Unsquelched Output13
10Repeater TX PTT Output External PTT Input8
11Repeater TX Audio Output Transmitter Line (Audio) Input5
13Repeater RX Audio Input Receiver Line (Audio) Output10
14GroundDC Ground11
25GroundLine Input Ground2

Additional TKR-820 (Molex) jumpers:

You can also power the S-Com 5K controller from the TKR-820 repeater by wiring the coaxial power plug to pin 7 (positive) and pin 11 (negative) of the Molex connector.

For those of you who like graphics, click here for a pictorial wiring diagram.

Acknowledgements and Credits:

Connector pin information came from the Kenwood and S-Com manuals.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: jake1 [ at ] centurylink [ dot ] net.

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This page originally posted on 18-Jan-2016.

Article © Copyright 2016 by John "Jake" Eckardt N3FU.
Expanded and turned into an article by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK.

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