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  Motorola R100 JAUX and
Interfacing Information

Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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JAUX is wired to J3 on the QRN4314A interface board. J2 on the interface board is wired to the station control board mounted on the top cover. Pins with no information are Not Connected or Not Used. Almost all of the signals pass through buffer or inverter circuits on the interface board. The Direction is IN TO or OUT OF JAUX. This information is also presented in the R100 Instruction Manual starting on page 48 of the PDF file.

JAUXJ3Signal Name DirJ2To Controller Board
112Phone Patch Ground Gnd16Ground
36Station A+ Out1Station A+
44Phone Patch PTT In9Q812-C
510TX Audio In12,13,14U802-13,U800-6,U824-6
615Ground Gnd16Ground
79RX Audio Out11U824-7
816Ground Gnd16Ground
91Phone Patch Alert Inhibit Out5,6U809-11,Q807-C
107Phone Patch Inhibit Out7,8U805-11,S1 (REPEATER DISABLE)
122Phone Patch Audio Ctrl Out2,3,4SW3 (LOCAL PTT),U829-6,Q830-C
1413Desk Set Ground Gnd16Ground
1518Desk Set Speaker High Out15P2-2 (SPEAKER HIGH)
1611Desk Set Mike High In14U824-6
1714Desk Set Mike Gnd Gnd16Ground
188Desk Set Monitor In10S805 (PL DISABLE)
193Desk Set PTT In9Q812-C
205Repeater Knockdown In8S1 (REPEATER DISABLE)

Interfacing common repeater controllers is easily done through the JAux connector with the exception of having to add a couple of wires to bring out a few additional signals. The CSI controller hookup sheet is VERY helpful here.

For D-Star controllers and such, the following connection points work very well (this information was provided by Scott N3XCC):

Remember to program the rreceiver for carrier squelch and no PL/DPL transmit tone.

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