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  The R100 & MCR100
Repeater Station Page

Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

Overview and Modification Articles:

An Overview of the R100 Repeater Station   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
Describes the station components and various interfacing signals. You definitely want to read this article before shopping for an R100 station.
These stations are built for either PL/carrier squelch or DPL/carrier squelch and can't be switched without replacing the main CPU chip, and that is no longer available from Motorola. If you have a DPL model that you want to use on PL, just program the radios as carrier squelch and add a TS-32 or similar PL encoder and decoder, then run the COR and PL decode lines to an external repeater controller that has both inputs and combine them in that controller.
R100 Supplemental Information   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
A collection of useful repair information: repeater control board ICs, electrolytic capacitors, connector voltages, power supply regulator voltages.
Adding a PL Disable Switch to the R100 Repeater Station   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
Many stations don't have the components installed for this feature. It's easy to do, and for under $2.00 you wonder why Motorola just didn't do it in the first place. This article describes the procedure.
Replacing the R100 Code Plug EEPROMs   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK and Bernard Barink AJ4SX
The serial EEPROMs used in these stations will go bad some day. The original ICs are no longer available but we've found some suitable substitutes. This article describes what you need to go through in order to replace them with new ones.
R100 Code Plug Information   Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK from information provided by Bernard Barink AJ4SX
Documentation of the code plug information stored in the radio's serial EEPROMs.

Interfacing Articles:

R100 JAUX and Interfacing Information   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
A summary of the JAUX connector and interface board signals. Useful if you want to connect an external repeater controller to your R100, or if your station does not have the JAUX and interface board installed (not all did). Also has some simple interfacing points that will work with D-Star.
Modifying an R100 to operate with an external repeater controller   By Ken Cechura KC9UMR
Ken's station did not have the JAUX or its wiring, so he had to find all the signals the old-fashioned way. This is his experience. (Offsite link)
Replace the R100's internal repeater control board with a Ham Gadgets ID-O-Matic   By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
The ID-O-Matic provides CW ID, courtesy beep, hang time, repeater time-out, and a whole bunch of other features for only $40. This plugs directly into the two radios.
Connecting the R100 to an external controller   82 kB PDF file
A tech writeup from Connect Systems Inc describing how to connect an R100 to their TP-154 panel. It's written well enough that the information is adequate to connect any other brand: ICS, Link, NHRC, Scom, etc.


The UHF R100 Repeater Instruction (Service) Manual   9.5 MB PDF file
This is the no-longer-available 6881078E15-O manual.
The UHF R100 Repeater Instruction (Service) Manual - Improved   9.6 MB PDF file
Same manual as above, but this copy has been optimized and had bookmarks added to easily and much more quickly navigate around the various sections.
The German MCR100 Repeater Instruction (Service) Manual   9.5 MB PDF file
This unit is similar to the R100. This is the no-longer-available 6881071E50-A manual.
Non-Battery Revert Power Supply Addendum   146 kB PDF file
This Instruction Manual Revision is for the above MCR100 manual but applies to the R100 station as well. Donated and scanned by Eric WB6FLY. Cleaned up by Bob WA1MIK.
The TPN1155A power supply from the Flexar Base Service Manual is very similar and uses most of the same parts. It can be downloaded here as a 103 kB PDF file.
MC-Micro UHF Conventional Service Manual   6884828D06-L   36 MB PDF file
The MCR100 and R100 are loosely based on this radio.
The MC Compact Base Station and Repeater Theory/Maintenance Manual   22 MB PDF file
This covers all four of the European band splits. It was most likely scanned by Eric WB6FLY and uploaded but for some reason it never got added to this index file.
The RSS Manual for the R100 repeater   840 kB PDF file
The complete Motorola R100 RSS (programming) manual, converted from a PDF file, cleaned up, and turned back into a PDF file. This is all you will need (aside from the actual software, a real slow computer and the cable) to program the R100.

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