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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Web page maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK
I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!
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There is a YahooGroup mailing list oriented toards Tait radios at
If you are at all interested in these radios I suggest you join it.

Contact Information: Parent company:
  Tait North America Inc.
15342 Park Row Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77084
Phone 281-829-3300
    Tait Electronics Limited
175 Roydvale Ave
Christchurch, New Zealand
Telephone +64 3 358 3399
Fax +64 3 358 0340

An overview article on what equipment is of interest to the amateur would be most welcome (and we won't complain if it's written by a dealer, as long as the major thrust is information sharing and not sales).

If there is a Tait expert "out there" let me know, I'd be willing to just about turn over this page to you.

You should read this page before any of the other articles here in the Tait section.
Tait Introductory Information An introduction to the Tait radio equipment, with background, history, some model-specific information, photos, and other miscellaneous items.

Click here for a chart showing the frequency coverage of various Tait models.

A lot of information on older products can be found at
Tait has made some service manuals for older radios downloadable for the general public (as opposed to dealers, and others with special privileges) at their support website.

Locally Downloadable Manuals:

A 4 MB collection of informative brochures, all worth looking at. The portable repeater is especially worth looking at.
T296-01 Power Supply   20.2 kB PDF
Cleaned up a little (removed some scanner-introduced speckles) and converted to PDF by WA6ILQ from a 372 kB JPG supplied by a ham in Australia.
T355 VHF Receiver   1.4 MB PDF
T356 VHF Transmitter   4.8 MB PDF
T800 backplane module   308 kB PDF
T800 rackplane interface module schematic   13 kB PDF
T800-02 CTCSS module   93 kB PDF
T800-02 CTCSS module Technical Note 566   589 kB PDF
T800 Power Supply Service Manual   891 kB PDF
T800 Power Supply Diagram   35 kB PDF
T800 Ancillary Equipment   1.9 MB PDF
T800 Series II Ancillary Equipment service manual, Part 1 of 2   1.8 MB PDF
Issue 101 dated May 1998.
T800 Series II Ancillary Equipment service manual, Part 2 of 2   2.4 MB PDF
T830 Series Base Station Equipment service manual   3.2 MB PDF
Issue 100 dated February 1996.
T830 Series II Base Station Equipment 136-174 MHz Service Manual   8.5 MB PDF
Issue 201 dated August 1999.
T835 136-174 MHz Receiver Manual   14.8 MB PDF
Issue A dated January 1991.
T837 136-174 MHz Exciter Manual   11.6 MB PDF
Issue A dated January 1991.
T838 136-174 MHz Power Amplifier Manual   5.1 MB PDF
Issue A dated June 1991.
T850 Series Base Station Equipment Service Manual   1.8 MB PDF
T855 Audio Processor schematic   146 kB PDF
Looks like it's part of the T850-series equipment manual.
T855 RSSI Circuit   857 kB PDF
Donated by Steve Reining VK3UJ.
T860 Series II Base Station Equipment (220-285 MHz) Service Manual   2.7 MB PDF
T860 Series II Base Station Equipment (220-285 MHz) Diagrams   2.6 MB PDF
T860 Series II Base Station Equipment Service Manual Addendum   8 kB PDF
T860 Series II Base Station Equipment Service Manual Revisions   15 kB PDF
TM8100 and TM8200 mobile radio service manual   20.7 MB PDF
Tait Programming Interface (T700/2000/ORCA) Schematic Diagram   50 kB PDF
Tait TB8100 Base Station Stuff   57.7 MB ZIP file
Contains documentation, firmware, and software for a March 2009 maintenance release. We have no idea what any of this is, as it came anonymously, probably from a CD. Download the file and unzip it, then see what's in there.

Specifications and Sales Brochures:

Spec sheet for the TB8100 series base / repeater station 540 kB PDF file.
Spec sheet for the TB2100 series base / repeater station 941 kB PDF file.
Spec sheet for the TB9100 series base / repeater station 515 kB PDF file.
Sales brochure for the transportable repeater based on the TB8100 and TB9100 stations 494 kB PDF file.

Donations of any other manuals would be welcome, as well as articles on repeater-related topics (like where to find a COR signal or a subauduble tone decode signal in a radio).

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This article first posted 21-Dec-2005.

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