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Compiled by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
Maintained by Robert Meister WA1MIK

Starting in September 2014, some of the test equipment manuals have been transferred to the BAMA (Boat Anchor Manual Archive) web site as they were not pertinent to the concept and purpose of this web site. Manuals we currently have from general test equipment companies such as Agilent/HP, Boonton, Heath, Marconi, Tektronix, Triplett, and Wavetek will eventually be hosted there instead of here.

Manufacturer's Manuals and Data Sheets:

Aeroflex / IFR     Information and modifications for test equipment manufactured by Instrument Flight Research corp, better known as IFR, now a part of Aeroflex.
Automated Industrial Electronics Corp Model 2TSG-1 Two Tone Generator Instruction Manual   986 kB PDF
As a result of a request made in a comment thread on the repeater-builder mailing list John Kernkamp WB4YJT scanned his manual, took a front panel photo and sent both in.
This is a unit that can generate two clean audio tones from 10 Hz to 9.999 Khz, and send tone A or a two-tone A-B sequence with variable delay, duration and level. It was a very popular service monitor add-on for doing CTCSS generation, tone burst, single tone, or two-tone pagers. While they call it an "instruction manual" it contains all available documentaton including service info and schematics.
Bird Electronic Corp.     Information on RF products including the Thruline™ and Termaline™ wattmeters and dummy loads.
Coaxial Dynamics Inc (Coaxial, or CDI, at makes Bird clone products, such as wattmeters, elements, and dummy loads. Their elements are interchangeable with Bird equivalents (same sizes, ranges, etc) and at one time they were a bit less-expensive than Bird's. Their 81000 meter is functionally equivalent to the classic Bird 43 meter, however it has a much bigger case and a much bigger mirrored-scale meter, great for us older folks who have problems reading the small Bird meter. You may see similar-looking meters for sale, with brands like Sola, Sola Basic, or Dielectric. This product line was bought out by CDI.
CT Systems and Wavetek     Information about test equipment manufactured by Wavetek (service monitors and signal generators).
Over the years Wavetek bought several companies, including CT Systems.
Cushman Electronics     Information about communications test equipment manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s by Cushman.
The Heath / Heathkit HM-2102 VHF Wattmeter   1.4 MB PDF
This is the forward-and-reverse power meter that covers 50 to 160 MHz at 0-25 or 0-250 watts - it has no dummy load. The HM-102 is the equivalent for 3.5 to 30 MHz at up to 2000 Watts, and is in the same package.
The Heathkit HM-2103 HF Dummy Load   5.2 MB PDF
Heath had two compact dry dummy loads. This is the HF version, which can handle 1000 Watts for one minute, derating to 175 Watts continuous duty. The front panel over-temperature indicator lamp is powered by a 9v battery which has been forgotten about and leaked in every one I've seen at hamfests. The original design didn't have a fan, but several owners have added a muffin fan mounted to the end of the cabinet. One had the thermal switch attached to the fan and a big red neon lamp.
The Heathkit HN-31 "Cantenna" Dummy Load   785 kB PDF
Note that many of the cantennas are getting to be 40 and 50 years old, and if you buy a used one you may not know its history... it may heve been overheated at some point. In the early days Heath used military surplus 50 and 52 ohm resistors to make them. Later they had resistors specifically made at 50.0 ohms for the kit. Over the last few years it's been noticed that the resistors are no longer 50.0 to 52.0 ohms... they are drifting. If you get weird SWR readings on your cantenna you might want to measure the resistor. One had drifted upwards to 60.5 ohms... The owner salvaged it by dismantling the RF head and wiring in a line cord and a pigtail AC outlet temporarily. The pigtail had an electric heater plugged into it to limit the current. Applying 120vAC mains power across the series combination of the electric heater and the cantenna resistor (still in the oil) resulted in about 140-150 watts dissipation in the cantenna. He kept this up for two months, and the "cooking" of the cantenna resistor brought the value back to about 52-53 ohms - much better! And the electric heat helped keep the ham shack warm during the winter !
Helper Instruments     Information for test equipment manufactured by the old Helper Instruments Company.
IFR / Aeroflex     Information and modifications for test equipment manufactured by Instrument Flight Research corp, better known as IFR, now a part of Aeroflex.
Lampkin Type 107B Digital Frequency Meter and Type 107C Communication Service Monitor Operation and service manual   4.1 MB PDF   Compliments of Greg Miller K2GTM.
This 159 page manual is dated October 1972.
Marconi     Marconi is an English company and their equipment is not found too often in the USA. There is a Canadian Marconi company and their mobile radios were fairly popular for a while.
Measurements (Boonton) Corp. Model 560FM Standard Signal Generator   1.3 MB PDF file Courtesy of Bob WA1MIK
Motorola   Moto has made their own test equipment or private-labeled other manufacturers (like Measurements Corp. or Boonton) since the late 1940s. They've also worked with other companies to design specialized equipment, like the telephone line test set that was co-designed with Triplett and made by them, but sold by both.
Radio Frequency Labs 5950A Crystal Impedance Meter   142 kB PDF.
Tektronix     Information about test equipment manufactured by Tektronix, best known for their oscilloscopes.
Telonic 1019 Sweep Signal Generator   3.2 MB PDF file
Triplett Corp has a number of current and older manuals on their web site. See
Tripplett is located at 850 Perimeter Road, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103 (USA).
Toll free phone is at 1-800-METERS-1 (800-638-3771)
Triplett 630 Series 5 VOM manual   3.3 MB PDF file.   Donated by John Riddell VE3AMZ
Triplett 630 PL and PLK VOM instruction manual   890 kB PDF file.   Donated by John Riddell VE3AMZ
Triplett 850 instruction manual   2.8 MB PDF File.   Donated by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
VIZ WD-76x series digital wattmeters   590 kB PDF courtesy of Eric Lemmon WB6FLY
Wavetek and CT Systems     Information about test equipment manufactured by Wavetek (service monitors and signal generators).
Over the years Wavetek bought several companies, including CT Systems.

Construction and Modification Articles:

A Poor Ham's Deviation Meter   A theory and practice article on measuring deviation of FM transmitters, by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK.
Build Yourself a Service Monitor?   Well, sort of.   By Tom Alldread VA7TA   A simple deviation monitor circuit used with a scanner receiver.
Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer   A Spectrum Analyzer / Tracking Generator Kit by Science Workshop (offsite link)
If anyone wants to write a review article after acquiring one we'll put it on this page.

Other info:

A lot of equipment, including many HP and IFR and Motorola spectrum analyzers and service monitors, have an RF fuse, in the output connector. The original manufacturer is Littelfuse Corp, and they named it a "Pico Fuse". Other companies now make a similar and interchangeable product. Two forms are made: one is axial about the size and shape of a 1/4 watt or 1/8 watt resistor, the other is a small cylindrical plug-in element a little smaller than a pencil eraser.
The name "Pico Fuse" is a LittelFuse corporate trademark, but has become synonymous with the fast acting fuse in either shape.

Jameco, Digikey and Mouser all sell these fuses. Here's a 214 kB PDF datasheet for the axial fuses (which usually have a solid color body in green, yellow, orange or gold). They're available from 1/16 amp through 15 amps, fast-blow and slow-blow; you want the fastest they have.
Here's a 91 kB PDF datasheet for the 373/TR5 series plug-in fuses if you need the round 8.5mm diameter plug-in style. They are available in 50ma (yes, milliamps) through 10 amps. The most common size that I have found in RF test gear (like service monitors) is the 1/16 amp.

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